Distribution and supply chain marketing

You know better than anyone that selling a product or service along the B2B supply chain is not like selling a consumer product. Your customers — whether they’re product engineers, procurement departments, distributors or other decision makers — are looking for smart, efficient and cost-effective partners that they can trust. Buying from you is a big decision for them.

So just as you help them solve their business challenges through the products or services you deliver, your marketing efforts must do the same. B2B supply chain marketing is about educating your prospective customers and helping them throughout their buying process.

Today, 57 percent of a B2B purchasing decision is made before a prospect even talks to a supplier (source: Corporate Executive Board study). Translation: your customers are learning as much as they can, all on their own. And they’re not picking up the phone until they’ve identified a partner that they believe can help solve their problems. It’s marketing’s job to educate those purchasers during their research phase and provide their contact information to your sales team — that means real leads for your sales team to pursue and further educate.

Our experience and results in distribution and supply chain marketing

Our method is inbound marketing, and our objectives are generating targeted website traffic, converting that traffic into hard, qualified leads and nurturing those leads throughout their buying process until they become paying customers. The below case study illustrates our results-driven work for a B2B industrial distributor.

Steel pipe distributor more than doubles inbound leads

Learn how we helped American Piping Products, one of the world’s largest distributors of steel pipe, more than double inbound leads through their website. Read our success story.

Content we’ve written about supply chain marketing

Just as we help our clients educate their prospects and leads, we provide educational resources on our site as well. We’re committed to writing as much as we can for B2B industrial companies to help them learn how to market themselves in a way that will produce bottom-line-driven results. Here are a few related articles and white papers that you should find helpful.

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