Step 1: Connect Call

Our first step is a 20-minute phone call, 95% of which will be focused on you. While we’re happy to answer any questions you have about Gorilla, the primary objectives of this call are to learn:
  1. What you’re trying to accomplish
  2. Whether we believe we can help you

So unless you’re 100% set on implementing a specific marketing tactic (for example – a website redesign or SEO initiative), we recommend you talk to us about the goals you’re looking to achieve and the problems you’re trying to solve. At Gorilla, we’re very good at helping our clients figure out how to get to that end result.

Let’s go ahead and have the budget conversation right away too. You probably have a sense for what you can spend and we know what kind of budget it will take to get the needed results. Our Pricing page will give you a sense for how we charge for our services.

Who should attend

On your end, just you is fine. Of course, we’d welcome you to loop in anyone else you see fit. On Gorilla’s end, you’ll be talking with one of our Marketing Strategists. You can meet our team here.

Some homework before the meeting

We recommend you read our short How We Help You page (three-minute read) before we talk. This will give you a sense for who we are, what we do and how we help our clients grow their businesses. This should give you enough background on us to let us stay focused on YOU during this first short call.

Next steps after the meeting

At the end of our call, let’s decide together whether we think there’s some synergy between our two companies. If so, we’ll schedule step two: our Discovery Session. No synergy? No problem. We’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

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