Step 2: Discovery Session

Our Discovery Session is a 90-minute meeting. Now that we’ve determined there could be a potential fit between our companies, we want to learn what we’ll need to know about your business to help us design a solution for you.

We’ll lead the conversation by taking you through a series of questions. You may not have answers for everything and that’s okay. But the more we know, the better the solution we can design for you. Here’s what we want to learn:

  • Your business development objectives (what would make you say one year from now, “This marketing investment was a huge success!”)
  • Your current and past sales efforts (team, process, sales goals)
  • Your current and past marketing efforts (what you’ve done and are doing now, what’s worked and hasn’t worked, how you’re measuring ROI, what you want to accomplish)
  • Your customer base (types of companies, who at those companies you deal with, what their needs and pain points are, their buying process)
  • Your competitive landscape (the big and small players in your space, what makes you different from them)

Who should attend

Because this call is designed to help us gather the critical information about your business, we recommend bringing a few more people into the conversation. Ideally, that includes someone involved in sales (they often know your customers’ needs and pain points better than anyone), someone involved in marketing (if that position exists at your company) and someone in upper management.

We’ve worked with a lot of B2B industrial companies through the years, and the ones who are most successful are those who get buy-in early from those at the top. Presidents, CEOs or executive team members that at least understand the basics of inbound marketing are the ones who can let their teams drive success.

On our end, you’ll continue conversation with our Marketing Strategist and we’ll often loop in an Account Coordinator who would be responsible for much of the day-to-day communication if we were to work together.

Homework before the meeting

Because we’ll have a lot to learn from you during this Discovery Session, it’s important that we’re time efficient. If possible, we’ll ask that you read the following three pages before our meeting so you come in with a better understanding of Gorilla and how we work with clients.

Next steps after the meeting

Like at the end of our last meeting, let’s evaluate whether we’re all still confident we can be successful working together. At this point, we’ll most likely have enough information to know OUR answer to that question. But we want to hear yours as well. Regardless, we’ll do our best to steer you in the right direction, even if it’s not with us.

If together we decide that it makes sense to continue this process, we’ll book the final step – our Solution Review meeting. Between now and then, we’ll process what we’ve learned and supplement that with research that will allow us to craft our plan of attack.

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