Step 3: Solution Review

Our Solution Review is the final step before a contract is signed. In the week or two leading up to this conversation, our Marketing Strategist will have invested a considerable amount of time working through the following:
  • Processing what we’ve learned during our consultation
  • Spending some time inside your Google Analytics account to set benchmarks
  • Investigating the competitiveness of your online landscape
  • Identifying where we see opportunities for you to be successful in meeting your online marketing and business growth goals
  • Identifying where we see potential challenges in meeting those goals

During this meeting, we’ll review and confirm your marketing objectives, share some observations and lead generation projections, present our recommendations and review associated costs and timing. This presentation will be very visual, so if we’re not meeting in person, please plan to be in front of a computer so we can share our screen.

Who should attend

The same group that attended the Inbound Marketing Consultation should all be in attendance.

Homework before the meeting

Because we’re a very results-driven agency and want our proposed solution to reflect that, we need to benchmark where you currently stand. So before this Solution Review Meeting, we’ll ask that you provide us with access to your web analytics, whether that be through Google Analytics, Hubspot or another software.

We’ll also ask for you to fill in a few holes for us after our prior consultation to round out our understanding of your business.

Next steps after the meeting

At this stage, you’ll have an understanding of what we’d do for you and the required investment to move forward. Your next step is to confirm a final budget so we can translate what we’ve shared into a condensed, written contract.

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