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Picture this: you’re on the hunt for a job in a marketing agency. You’ve spent countless hours searching, refining your resume and cover letter and applying to jobs. Finally, you land an interview (maybe even a couple if you’re lucky). You want to make a great impression, but how do you prepare? Ace your interview with these tips.

Research the company

Before coming in for the interview, be sure to do thorough research on the company. It sounds easy enough, but this is a very important step that is often overlooked. Learn about the work they do, the clients they work with and their culture. Not only will you sound more informed during the interview, it will also show that you’re interested. Don’t just limit your research to the company’s website. Check them out on LinkedIn, Facebook and even Instagram (@gorilla76marketing). For bonus points, be able to provide comments on what you found during your research.

Make sure your online brand is in order

We all like to have fun outside of work, but it’s also important to display a level of professionalism online. Before going on an interview, make sure your social media is cleaned up. Now is the time to remove (or make private) those party photos from college. Your potential employer will be doing their research and your social media channels could very well be their first impression of you. Make sure it’s a good one!

When you arrive at your interview, be prepared to start

If you’re interviewing for a creative role and need to display your portfolio, ask ahead of time what kind of equipment the agency has for you to hook up to. Have any adapters ready to go when you get there. Fumbling around to set up can show a lack of preparedness.

Have copies of your resume, cover letter and portfolio (if applicable)

Always bring extra copies of your resume, cover letter and portfolio with you to an interview. Your interviewers may or may not have a copy in front of them during the interview, and it’s another chance to get your qualifications in front of them. It will also give them a point of reference as you speak about any previous jobs and skill sets you bring to the table. For creative positions, it’s good to always plan for the worst. You never know when the Internet may go out, or another issue will arise where you cannot display your work. Bringing a printed copy of your portfolio ensures that it will get in front of your interviewers.

Dress appropriately

Make sure to dress appropriately for the agency where you’re interviewing. “Appropriately” doesn’t always mean a suit and tie or dress. During your research, try to get a feel for the agency dress code. If everyone wears jeans and t-shirts and you show up in a tie, you could stand out in the wrong way. You want to look nice while showing the interviewers that you fit in with the agency culture.

Ask questions

Come to your interview prepared with questions to ask the team. These questions can range from services the agency provides to more specific questions about the position. No matter what questions you ask, make sure they’re well thought out. If you have no questions about the agency, you run the risk of seeming unprepared or disinterested. Neither of which you want to portray during an interview.

Send a follow up

After your interview, send a follow up letter to your interviewers. This could be a thank you email, or an old-fashioned hand written note (we love these!). It’s not only polite, but it makes you stand out over candidates who have skipped this step. It shows interest and puts your name in front of your interviewers one more time.

Never stop improving

Even if you’re not currently in the market for a job, there’s never a wrong time to brush up on your interview skills. These are just a few of the tips that we’ve gathered over the years. Leave us a comment below with your best interview tips!

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