Industrial marketing services

Gorilla 76 is a B2B marketing agency specializing in inbound marketing for the industrial sector. We help manufacturers, industrial service providers, distributors, builders and their subcontractors grow their businesses online.

We help our clients do three things:

  1. Generate the right kind of website traffic
  2. Convert that traffic into real leads with names and phone numbers
  3. Nurture those leads until they become paying customers

Companies hire us when they’re:

  • Lacking awareness among the right people at the right companies
  • Not consistently generating a rich pipeline of inbound, sales-qualified leads
  • Too busy serving customers to sufficiently pursue new business
  • Sick of watching potential customers make uniformed purchases from competitors
  • Ready to speed up their customers’ long, complex buying processes
  • Not confident their marketing spends are producing new business

We solve those problems by designing customized inbound marketing plans, using tools like content marketing, search engine optimization, website development and email marketing.

Three things make us different:

  1. We work only with B2B companies.
  2. We specialize in serving industrial sector businesses. We’ve built a model for these companies that works.
  3. We use inbound marketing. We focus on attracting prospects that already have a need – not pushing unwanted advertising messages to potential customers. Everything we do is measurable and focused on generating customers for our clients.

Our pricing and service models are simple:

You help us understand your company’s revenue growth targets and the hurdles standing in the way. We design and execute a marketing plan to generate the volume of traffic and leads your sales team will need to reach that target. We work on one-year retainer contracts and the monthly cost is based on the scope of work required to reach your growth objectives. Most of our client retainers cost between $5K and $10K/month. Click here to learn more about how we price our services.

How to get started:

We start conversation with an inbound marketing consultation. During this meeting, we’ll listen to your growth goals and challenges, offer a few preliminary recommendations and determine whether we’ll be a good fit for each other. Click here to request a consultation.

Learn how to grow your business online.

Our free Industrial Marketing Guide will show you how to attract qualified website visitors, convert them into real leads and nurture them through the buying process.

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Marketing that works as hard as you do

Growth Gorilla is our proven inbound marketing program for B2B companies in the industrial sector. Growth Gorilla’s sole purpose is to put a sustainable, ROI-driven online business development infrastructure in place for your company.

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"Over the past 3 years, I have used their own site as well as their clients' sites as 'best in class' examples of what effective Inbound Marketing looks like for Industrial B2B companies and other agencies aspiring to achieve predictable growth and scale continuously. I would highly recommend any sales or marketing leader in the Industrial B2B space leverage the knowledge, experience, and flawless execution capabilities that Gorilla 76 brings to the table." Read full testimonial.

- Brian Signorelli, Principal Sales Manager at HubSpot