Mary is a marketing specialist who joined Gorilla after helping a leading water tech manufacturer earn leads by repositioning the B2B customer at the front of their strategy. Her relevant work experience has enabled her to design marketing plans that circumvent problems faster and exceed measurable expectations. In a digital world, Mary’s proven approach helps industrial and manufacturing businesses stay ahead.

When the Naperville (IL) native isn’t executing content strategies that convey products and services in a concise way, she’s hitting new personal records in her garage gym. To unplug, Mary takes to the outdoors alongside her two boys and only girl. You might also find her at a local wine tasting, but only if they’re serving red.

Mary and her husband like to volunteer at DuPagePads, a resource shelter that’s combatted homelessness in their area for nearly 40 years. Before launching her career and starting her beautiful family, she graduated magna cum laude from Northern Illinois University with a degree in English.