Industrial marketing for the painting and coatings industry

From a marketing standpoint, the industrial painting industry is well behind the curve. The good news is that means opportunity exists for you to get ahead of it, and quickly.

While your competitors continue printing expensive brochures and traveling to trade shows as their only sources for leads, you have the opportunity to open up more cost-efficient lead generation channels through your website, search engines, social media channels and email marketing.

Our marketing experience in the industrial coatings industry

At Gorilla, we’ve worked as a consultant and business development partner with our painting/coatings industry clients to both identify where new business opportunities lie and to pursue them through marketing. We’ve executed marketing plans for applicators (Thomas Industrial Coatings), suppliers (US Coatings) and technology developers (TruQC).

We understand the difference between public sector bid lists where the low bid wins and private sector opportunities where you have more control over the sales process. Our job is about widening the sales funnel to attract and convert more of those big opportunity business leads.

We keep up to speed on industry news by subscribing to trade publications and newsletters by organizations like Paintsquare and JPCL. And we’ve even been published a handful of times in CoatingsPro:

How to attract a targeted audience

Turning website visitors into leads

Nurturing your leads

This stuff works. Need proof?

Take a look at our coatings industry case studies.

Thomas Industrial Coatings:

Industrial painter grows website traffic and online leads


Online lead generation strategy helps software company grow business

Let’s talk when you’re ready

We offer a free marketing consultation and would love to talk for 30 minutes about your business development goals. Our guess is we can help. And if we can’t, we can offer a few tips to point you in the right direction. Win-win for you, right? Click here to sign up.

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