Ongoing Consulting and Coaching

Some manufacturers are already equipped with a talented staff of marketers, fully capable of implementation. But they need guidance developing and refining strategies they’re confident will produce a positive return. We’ll fill that void.

As your strategy team, our jobs are to:

  1. Create focus. Guide you in creating focus around the best opportunities and your desired outcomes
  2. Develop strategy. Research and design objective plans that we’re all confident will get you to those outcomes
  3. Guide implementation. Assure these plans are executed on strategy and as cost effectively as possible (whether by the Gorilla team, external resources, internal resources or a combination)
  4. Drive the continuous improvement process. Measure and interpret results, make changes to the plan, repeat

There are two ways for us to fill this role as your strategy lead:


Price: $3000+/month

On a quarterly basis, we’ll conduct research to identify your best opportunities and develop a written plan for implementation. We’ll share the plan and refine together as needed before handing it off to your implementation team.

On a monthly basis, we’ll conduct a live video conference call with your Marketing Manager/Director to review and interpret data and results from the previous month.

And quarterly, we’ll hold two-hour review and planning meetings with your leadership team (typically President/CEO, VP of Sales and Marketing Manager/Director). In these quarterly meetings, we’ll review results, discuss suggested refinements to strategy and present our research and recommended plan for the next quarter.


Price: $1000+/month

We’ll layer coaching services on top of consulting for organizations that either need additional guidance on implementation or would like to become self-sustainable over the next year. Not only will we help create accountability for your team and keep you on track, but we’ll impart every bit of knowledge we’ve accumulated over the past 10+ years. This means sharing our best practices, processes, strategies, and templates to make sure your marketing team has the necessary tools and develops the required skills to drive implementation themselves within one year.

In addition to the monthly and quarterly calls/meeting described in the previous Consulting section, we’ll conduct live video conference meetings with your Marketing Director/Manager weekly or biweekly depending on the engagement and record them for future reference. These calls will follow a predetermined curriculum that consists both of training and implementation guidance for your current marketing campaigns.