Ongoing Consulting Services

Some of our manufacturing clients come equipped with small, but very capable internal Marketing teams who can get the work done.

But often they need guidance figuring out how to allocate their resources (both people and spend), setting the right marketing KPIs to align with desired business outcomes, designing a strategy to hit those numbers and measuring results.

If this is you, we can be your strategy team.

We’ll guide through implementation, transferring our knowledge along the way through live and recorded trainings, and coaching your team to help you build a sustainable internal marketing function.

What ongoing consulting entails

Quarterly Marketing Plans:

  • Creation of quarterly marketing plans that align with your overarching business development strategy.
  • Plans are derived from what’s been working (and what hasn’t) over the prior quarter and where we’re finding success for other clients in similar situations.

Weekly Strategy Calls:

Standing weekly strategy calls to be used for:

  • Reporting: Brief once per month review meeting to provide analysis of key data points and discuss recommended adjustments.
  • Sales Enablement: Once per month sales enablement meeting to look in depth at open leads and opportunities together, and to discuss potential account-based marketing approaches and sales enablement strategies.
  • Private Training: Live training by our specialists (Strategy, Copywriting, Videography, UX and Development teams, as needed) for the most relevant tactics. This may include guidance in content creation, copywriting, PPC and paid social campaigns, keyword research, link building, Hubspot workflows and templates, videography, prospecting videos, etc. All sessions will be recorded to build a custom library of training materials for your team.
  • Marketing R&D: Introduce and provide guidance for new potential tactics and technologies we see working for other organizations (for example: webinar series, podcasting, expert video series, specific Hubspot tools, chat bots etc.)

Miscellaneous Implementation Guidance:

We’ll hold your hand as you learn new processes and get your feet wet implementing your plans. Commons areas where we’ll provide guidance include:

  • Knowledge extraction: Teaching your team how to effectively interview your company’s subject matter experts for the purpose of content creation.
  • Webinars: Teaching you a playbook for planning, promoting and executing live digital events (and making use of assets from the recording).
  • Videography: Consultation on equipment, software, lighting, set up and recording conversations with your subject matter experts.
  • PPC / paid social campaigns: Technical consultation during set up and throughout implementation.
  • Recruiting: Assistance writing and promoting job descriptions for internal Marketing hires.

Typical costs for ongoing consulting

On our Services overview page, we outline how our process plays out in more detail. But in short, following the Industrial Marketing Road Map project (our starting place with all new clients) and a Phase One implementation (which typically plays out over 6-12 months), many of our clients move into ongoing engagements with us.

In these cases, we enter a rinse-and-repeat process of continuous improvement, typically working in three-month cycles. In the case that you’re doing the work and we’re playing the Consultant role, $4000/month is the typical cost to retain us as your Strategy team.

If you could use help getting the work done as well, take a look at our Implementation Services.