Online Training Course for Manufacturing Marketers

We’re excited to announce that this Fall (2019), we’ll be launching an on-demand online training course called “The Manufacturer’s Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Profit-Generating Marketing Plan”. The course is designed for Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers, CMOs or the like at B2B manufacturing companies and is focused on both strategizing and implementing an actionable marketing plan, rooted in data and focused on driving measurable profit for the organization.

Throughout the course’s video modules, we’ll impart on your team all of the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the past ten years as a marketing agency serving the industrial sector. And along the way (one section at a time), we’ll guide you through the completion of a fully-documented strategy and action plan for the next 12-24 months. After finishing the course, you’ll be ready to hit the grounding running.

Topics covered in course will include:

  • Creating marketing focus around your ideal account types and the buying process influencers at those companies
  • Developing positioning messaging that resonates with those individuals
  • Creating content that addresses the pain points they experience that lead them into the buying process, and the questions they’re commonly trying to get answered
  • The six essential building blocks of a lead-generating website
  • How to generate qualified website traffic (through content, search engine optimization (SEO) and account-based marketing)
  • How to convert that traffic into tangible leads with names, email addresses and phone numbers) for your sales team
  • How to measure success and setting up the right software and processes to do it
  • Selling the plan internally – getting buy-in from your team
  • How to get started with implementation of your plan (what to do internally, what to do externally and how to prioritize when resources are limited)

We’re aiming to go live in September. But in the meantime, fill out the form below to access a sampling of the course’s content and to be alerted by email as we approach the launch date.