A private, remote workshop for your team

Cost: $2500
Length: 3 hours

One of the most productive things your Marketing and Sales team can do in the coming weeks (or months) while much of the world is on hold is produce exceptional content assets.

In this private, remote workshop (conducted remotely via Zoom) we’ll help you map out a content strategy that leverages the collective knowledge of your company’s experts to produce genuinely resourceful content that will resonate with your future customers.

Here’s how the private workshop is structured:

  • Prep: You’ll complete an Ideal Account and Buyer Persona Worksheet prior to the workshop to help us understand 1-3 key audiences you serve, who the buying process influencers are inside those organizations, what they buy from you and what matters most to them (buying triggers, pain points, objectives and most common questions they ask).
  • Hour 1: We’ll ask very pointed questions to help round out our understanding of your buyers and how their needs align with the value your products/services deliver.
  • Hour 2: We’ll begin mapping their pain points, objectives and common questions to content topics your team can create to address them. We’ll also identify who at your organization are the subject matter experts whose knowledge can fuel that content.
  • Hour 3: We’ll make decisions about which content to prioritize, what media (written, video, audio, etc) to use, identify who inside (or outside) your organization will be responsible for creating it and lay out a publishing calendar.
  • Post Workshop: We’ll schedule a one-hour follow-up meeting (via Zoom) with you sometime in the two weeks following the Workshop to help you troubleshoot issues and guide your implementation.

We’ll record this workshop and send you a link the next day so you can revisit as needed and share with team members who weren’t able to attend.

If you’re interested, let’s chat. Fill out the form below or email Co-Founder Joe Sullivan at joe@gorilla76.com.

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