The Industrial Marketing Road Map

Our flagship consulting engagement for B2B manufacturers – The Industrial Marketing Road Map – is where most of our clients begin.

Your Road Map will lay the foundation for a results-driven marketing investment that eliminates guesswork and avoids wasted time and money.

The engagement starts with some prework on your part to provide us with necessary inputs, and is followed by a collaborative half-day workshop with your team. We conclude by delivering our written recommendations (in the form of a concise, but specific action plan) for how to get your business from point A to point B over the next 6-12 months.

road map screenshotPrice: $7500

Consider this first $7.5K of your marketing investment the cost of not going into a tactical marketing implementation blind.

Instead, you’ll charge forward with a sound strategy, action plan and most importantly, confidence that your marketing investment will generate the business outcomes you’re seeking.

Process and timeline

Here’s how our Road Map engagement plays out.

preworkPrework: Discovery Survey

Prior to our Strategy Workshop, you’ll complete a Discovery Survey that provides us with essential background about your business, ideal customer (at both a company and individual human level), competitive landscape, sales and marketing processes and desired outcomes.

The more thorough your Discovery Survey, the more effective our Workshop together will be.

Day 1: Half-Day Discovery Workshop

After receiving your Discovery Survey, we’ll conduct a half-day Strategy Workshop (either in person or via Zoom) with your leadership and sales team.

We’ll facilitate a discussion around your ideal customers, your value proposition, where your best growth opportunities lie and how to create the most impact through sales and marketing.

The first purpose of this workshop is to help your organization create focus – which can mean growing key accounts, penetrating new markets or channeling more marketing and sales firepower into your highest-margin products or services. The second purpose is to help our team uncover and process the critical insights that will drive our recommendations.

Days 2-14: Research and Road Map Creation

Over the next two weeks, our team will conduct research, collect examples and data and document specific and actionable recommendations for how to get you from Point A to Point B over the next 6-12 months. We’ll compile everything into your Industrial Marketing Road Map document.

Then we’ll recovene for a 90-minute meeting to review your documented Road Map.

Our recommendations will encompass specific action items related to your positioning and messaging, website, marketing/sales technology stacks, content strategy, lead generation strategy, pipeline management strategy and methodology for measuring results.

And we’ll include options for implementation of your strategy at different levels of investment – taking into account any internal resources you may (or may not) have available to assist with implementation.

The Output

At the end of this process, you’ll walk away with a documented strategy and action plan.

Whether you commission Gorilla to implement the plan, shop it to other agencies, execute it yourself (or some combination of these) is your choice. Regardless, you’ll now be ready to move forward with confidence.

Ultimately it’s our job to put ourselves in your shoes. We’ll always challenge ourselves with the following question:

If we were you, but with all the marketing knowledge and experience that our team at Gorilla collectively possesses, what we would we do?


What does this engagement cost?

$7500. Though not insignificant, we can assure you this engagement is a small price to pay to avoid diving into a tactical implementation without a sound strategy and action plan. Lost time and money playing the marketing guessing game will quickly outweigh this investment.

What if we’re not satisfied with the output?

Then you can pay us what you thought it was worth, even if that means $0. No questions asked. We put a full guarantee on our Road Map engagement because after 10+ years of serving the industrial sector, we know how critical this step is to your success and how much value is created through our proven process.

How long does the engagement take? And how much time will we invest?

Two weeks are required between the Discovery Workshop and Road Map Review. And as previously stated, you’ll have a little prework to do ahead of time as well.

Your team will commit an estimated two hours per person to complete the required Discovery Survey. The Strategy Workshop will require a full four hours. And the Road Map Review will take 90 minutes. So in total, each of your team members should plan to commit about 7-8 hours to the process.

Who should be involved?

Your Road Map is unlikely to gain traction without the buy-in and direct involvement of your leadership team. Our most successful clients have committed the time of their CEO/President, VP of Sales, Marketing Director and ideally a few other key sales professionals to this Road Map engagement.

Who will be involved on Gorilla’s end?

Joe Sullivan, a cofounder of Gorilla will lead the engagement, bringing 10+ years of industrial marketing experience to the table. And one of our Strategists will be present as well.

How much will the implementation of our plan cost?

There are a few ways we can help you implement your Road Map’s action plan – from pure consulting or coaching to joint implementation to full implementation.

If our team handles a full-scale implementation on your behalf, Phase One costs will likely fall in the range of $125K to $175K over the course of the first 6-12 months (including Gorilla fees, paid media and software).

Should G76 purely consult (while you do the heavy lifting), total costs may be closer to $50-75K. The more your team handles internally, the lower your hard costs will be.

Depending on the engagement established between our two organizations during Phase One (whether we’re coaching you, advising you or doing the work for you), we typically continue in that role on an ongoing basis.

After Phase One is complete, the clients that stick with us for ongoing work spend an average $7500-10,000/month when we handle both strategy and full implementation of their plans for them. But again, the more your team handles internally, the lower your costs will be.