The Industrial Website Blueprint

Price: $5000+, depending on scope

Our Industrial Website Blueprint is one-month consulting engagement, culminating in a 25-page custom strategy that will lay the foundation for your website build. The purpose of this Blueprint is to assure your implementation team builds a site that attracts, engages and generates sales-qualified leads from buying process influencers at your ideal account types. In short, this is your documented plan for a website that will produce results – because a beautifully-designed, brochure-style website isn’t enough to consistently fill up your sales funnel with sales-qualified leads.

How it plays out

Step one involves some homework on your part, starting with a Discovery Questionnaire that will take your team two to three hours to complete. This questionnaire will provide Gorilla with critical background information on your business, ideal customer, competitive landscape, sales and marketing processes, and intended outcomes. You’ll also complete a Goals/KPI Worksheet to create focus on the tangible outcomes you want to see from your website build.

Step two is a 2-3 hour Discovery Workshop conducted via video conference with your Leadership team and Sales team. We’ll begin the workshop with some baseline education about your website’s role within your overarching lead generation strategy. Then we’ll dive into your completed Discovery Survey and Goals/KPI Worksheet together to clarify key points and make sure we understand the objectives for the new site.

Step three is where we get to work. Over the next two to three weeks, our team will take everything we’ve learned from your Discovery Questionnaire, Goals/KPI Worksheet and Discovery Consultation to create your 20-page documented Industrial Website Blueprint. The final document will include top-level sitemap recommendations, wireframes for five key pages, three recommended lead-generation “offer” ideas, recommended user flows (call-to-action placement and visitor-to-lead conversion paths), recommended technology stack (CMS, CRM, Analytics tools) and a two-page Executive Summary of strategy for your  implementation team.

Step four is a two-hour video conference to present your Blueprint. We’ll walk through the deck together, discuss refinements that should be made and make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running with the implementation of your website build.

Ultimately, investing in your Blueprint before diving into implementation will eliminate guesswork and save you time and money in the long run. You’ll jump into your website build with confidence that it will produce tangible results, whether Gorilla or another firm implements the build.