It’s incredibly important to thoroughly research a company before you go in for your first interview. Below are a few tips for making sure you’re buttoned up and ready to go.

Thoroughly read the company’s website

Obvious, I know. But, you’d be surprised. I hate to say it, but throughout the years, I’ve had several candidates come in who have clearly not done any preliminary research on our company. Today, in the era of the web, that’s inexcusable.

So before you go in for an interview, read a company website forward and backward. Learn as much as you can about what the company does, who their clients are, who their employees are, and anything else you can glean from the site.

Googling is good

Google is one of the most amazing inventions of the modern era. One can find the answer to almost any possible query in a matter of seconds. When it comes to researching a company, make sure to spend some quality time with Mr. Google.

Is the company making headlines? Are they good headlines? Did they land a deal recently that you can inquire about? What about the employees and founders? Do they appear to be good folks? Are they involved in the community? The clients?

A simple Google search and an hour two of time can help you significantly stand out from the competition.

Get social

As a final step, head to the social sphere and dig in. You can learn a lot about the personality of a company by their social media activity. Depending on the company, and their target audience, some social channels may be more utilized than others, but check them all and take it all in.

There’s no excuse!

Before you go in for your interview, learn every possible thing about the company with which you’re interviewing. With the web, this has never been easier. Often in an interview, I’ll start off by asking the applicant to tell me what we do. If they can’t articulate this, it’s a sign they haven’t done their research. And for me, that’s a major red flag.

As you go through the process detailed above, make sure to take notes about what you’re reading. If there are things you want to learn more about, get them down on paper so you can ask when you visit in person. Don’t feel as if you need to have this intel memorized – but let the team you’re interviewing with know that you’ve done your homework.

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