Manufacturing Growth Club 👋

If you’re not yet familiar, Clubhouse is the new Wild West of social media. In December of 2020, the social network boasted 600,000 users. Four months later (April 2021), that number of users had climbed to 13 million.

And for the record, the manufacturing sector is here. So we’re getting out ahead of it while we can!

We’ve started “Manufacturing Growth” Club. In short, we’re hosting live panel discussions with manufacturing leaders twice per month around a variety of topics related to business development, technology in the industrial sector and growth from a variety of angles.

What’s up next

Event: Creating Scalability Through Process
Date: Tuesday 05/18
Time:  3:30 CST / 4:30 EST
Event Link: Click here to join


Many business owners started as experts in their craft – not experts at running a business. But scaling up requires removing themselves from the daily grind and creating processes their teams can execute. We’ll discuss:

  • How to start taking off your many hats one by one so you can work ON rather than IN the business
  • Why this matters from a business valuation perspective
  • Operating like a franchisor
  • Different ways that creating and documenting repeatable business will impact your organization
  • Where business software (like ERP and others) fit into scaling through process
  • Real life stories of these principles in action

Future events calendar

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Past panel discussions we’ve hosted

  • The New ROI of MFG Automation: Let’s redefine ROI as “Real Opportunity Investment”. From combating the labor shortage to improving safety and employee satisfaction, investing in automation impacts more than your PNL. Panelists: Joe Sullivan (Thinker & Founder, Gorilla 76), Lou Finazzo (VP of Sales, FANUC America Corporation), Erik Nieves (Founder, Plus One Robotics), Brent Barcey (VP of Business Development, Plus One Robotics), Scot Lindemann (CEO, Mission Design & Automation), Ryan Lillibridge (Director of Business Development, Mission Design & Automation)
  • Building an Online Manufacturing Community: From AI and robotics to welding and fabrication, you’ll find a variety of niche manufacturing communities online. We’ll talk about how to engage your audience in this way and platforms for doing it. Panelists: Joe Sullivan, Martin Cloake, Sam Gupta, Todd Clouser
  • CAD Model as Marketing Tool: Blog posts, case studies, white papers, webinars. They all have their place in a B2B company’s marketing strategy. But here’s one that’s unique to manufacturers: The CAD Model. Join us as we talk about how to put it to work. Panelists: Joe Sullivan, Nick Goellner, Adam Beck, Andrew Hood
  • Combating the Manufacturing Labor Shortage: PERCEPTION: “Robots are gonna take our jobs!” REALITY: “We can’t find people to do the jobs.” We’ll be talking about where mfgs are going wrong on the hiring front and what they can do differently. Panelists: Joe Sullivan, Jon Franko, Patrick O’Rahilly, Mike Schaefer, Jay Veniard
  • The Power of Customer Interviews: How often do we make assumptions about what our prospects care about? In this session, we’ll break down methodology for replacing assumptions with insights – right from the mouths of your customers. Panelists: Joe Sullivan, Dave Loomis, Matthew Sciannella, Grace Wright
  • How Manufacturers Can Leverage Video: With trade shows sidelined and in-person meetings limited, there’s no better time than now for manufacturers to humanize their brands with video. We’ll talk through a handful of ways to do it. Panelists: Joe Sullivan, Jake Hall, Danny Gonzales, Todd Clouser, Nick Tacony
  • A 3-step Manufacturing Marketing Framework: Here’s an actionable plan for filling your sales funnel in 2021 – another year where trade shows and in-person meetings will be largely sidelined. Panelists: Joe Sullivan, Matthew Sciannella, Chris Luecke

What the heck is Clubhouse anyway?

Clubhouse is a relatively new, invite-only social network. In short, you’ll find live, audio-only conversations happening all the time – and centered around just about any topic imaginable. These conversation are almost like podcasts – but with a live audience that (with permission from the moderator) can join the discussion. Users are free to come and go from conversations as they please. Send our Co-Founder Joe Sullivan a message ( if you need an invite!