Several weeks back, my mom came by the Gorilla office to meet me for lunch. She was with my stepdad, his brother and his brother’s wife. They were coming to the neighborhood to do some shopping and strolling and they wanted to pop in to see the office. They wanted the “grand tour.”

Here’s a little secret if you’ve never been by the Gorilla 76 office: it’s really small. Don’t get me wrong — I like our office and I love the neighborhood, but the office tour takes about two minutes. Three minutes, tops. And that’s if those taking the tour are inquisitive.

Anyway, at some point during the Great Gorilla Tour, I heard my mother, the lady that once changed my diapers and forced me to eat lima beans, say:

“I still don’t know what he does for a living.”

"I still don't know what he does for a living" - Jane Franko-York in reference to her one and only child

Wait…what? My mother doesn’t know what I do for a living?

That’s not cool, in the slightest. And it’s no one’s fault but mine. My mom calls every afternoon to ask how my day was, in which I typically give her the one-word answer of “good.” It’s my job to make sure the diaper-changing lima-bean enthusiast knows what I do for a living and I wanted to address that in this short blog post.

So mother dearest, settle into that big red recliner and shut down Candy Crush. It’s time to learn what your son does for a living. The following three things are really all you need to know.

Thing 1: We’re an inbound marketing agency

First off, we’re a marketing agency which is a lot like an advertising agency (honestly,  I’m not really sure what the difference is). Pre-internet, marketing/advertising agencies used to do stuff like they do on Mad Men. A morning meeting, followed by cigarettes, naps, cigarettes, two-martini lunches and more cigarettes. Oh, and then dart throwing at how to best spend their clients’ money.

The way we work is different. To put it as simply as possible, we help our clients create content (educational articles, guides, white papers, etc.) that lives on the internet (typically on our clients’ websites) that helps educate potential customers of our clients. By doing such, we help our clients establish credibility and eventually help produce good leads for their sales team. After all, in order for a visitor to access some of the content we create, they have to provide contact information. So the sales team is provided with the names, email addresses and phone numbers of folks who are actively seeking help. The people we “advertise” to are people who are already looking for a solution. Not trying to go to the bathroom before the second half of the inning. This is really important to remember.

Thing 2: We work only with businesses selling to other businesses

We help businesses sell to other businesses and that’s it. That’s called Business-to-Business, and is often written as B2B. We don’t work with clients that sell to consumers. An example of a national B2B client is a company like Cintas – the uniform company. An example of a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) product is Coca-Cola. See the difference? While the B2C work is often what’s sought after by most agencies, I think B2B accounts are the best to work on. At least that’s my opinion. And as my mother, you know my opinion is always right. Right?

Thing 3: We work only with industrial companies

About three years ago, we made the shift to work ONLY with industrial companies. Companies that are in industries like construction, painting and manufacturing. Why? To be honest, it just kind of happened. We found that we succeeded in this niche, we found that there was a need in this niche and we enjoyed working in and learning about this niche. Maybe it’s because my hardworking parents (oh, hi mom) instilled in me an appreciation of the industrial world. Whatever it was, it’s working well, and that’s who we market to.

Ready for the 200-level course?

So mom, what your son does for a living is pretty simple, right? Ready to learn at an even deeper level? If so, check out the guide below. It’s the 200-level course for breaking down what Gorilla 76 does day in and day out.


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