Pricing for our inbound marketing services

The pricing conversation never fails to make everyone in the room uncomfortable. So let’s go ahead and get down to brass tacks.

We’re not cheap. There – we said it. If you’re hoping to save a buck or patch a broken marketing strategy with a quick fix, Gorilla is not the right fit. Inbound marketing is an investment in the growth of your business. Success won’t happen overnight. You’ll need patience. And you’ll need to spend some money. But the fruit of that investment is an online business development infrastructure that’ll work to create opportunities for your company for years to come.

How we price our services

Our clients hire us on a retainer basis. That means 12-month contracts that range on average from $5K to $10K a month. We call our inbound marketing program Growth Gorilla. This program has a name NOT because it’s a canned package, but because we have a process that works and an established tool set for executing that process. We customize both when we build unique plans for each individual client.

Why our marketing retainers vary in cost

Every client is different. Although the business problems you’re trying to solve may resemble those we solve regularly for our clients, your challenges are still your own. And to solve them will require a plan that’s also your own. When we price our services for you, we’ll take into account any existing budgets, your expected results, your timeline for those results and which of those business problems take precedence. Then we’ll build the right plan for you and price it accordingly.

Why inbound marketing is expensive

1. Effective execution requires smart strategy

You can’t be successful without a plan. And building a plan requires brainpower and man hours. Our first job is to learn your business growth goals, understand the needs of your audience and how they buy, visualize your competitive landscape and pinpoint where your marketing success opportunities lie. We’re not executing until we’re confident that results will follow.

2. Inbound marketing and website redesign are not the same thing

Sorry if we’re the first to break the news, but a website redesign isn’t the solution to your online marketing problems. Your website is just one tool in your online business development infrastructure. Success will lie in your ability to attract qualified visitors TO your website, engage them, compel them to convert into leads and integrate that lead generation process with your sales process. This is not a graphic design project. This is a serious, strategic business development initiative.

3. You’re paying for a skilled team of specialists

When you hire an inbound marketing agency, you’re hiring a marketing strategist, a search engine optimizer, a brand journalist, a designer and a web developer. Every one of these people lives and breathes their own specialty within the online marketing world. No single internal hire can do all of these things by his or herself – at least not well. But for the cost of a junior to mid-level internal marketing hire (after salary, benefits, equipment, training etc,), you get a full team to serve as an extension of your company. And that’s exactly what Gorilla is to our clients.

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Growth Gorilla is our proven inbound marketing program for B2B companies in the industrial sector. Growth Gorilla’s sole purpose is to put a sustainable, ROI-driven online business development infrastructure in place for your company.

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"Over the past 3 years, I have used their own site as well as their clients' sites as 'best in class' examples of what effective Inbound Marketing looks like for Industrial B2B companies and other agencies aspiring to achieve predictable growth and scale continuously. I would highly recommend any sales or marketing leader in the Industrial B2B space leverage the knowledge, experience, and flawless execution capabilities that Gorilla 76 brings to the table." Read full testimonial.

- Brian Signorelli, Principal Sales Manager at HubSpot