Certifications and recognition

Gorilla 76 is an award-winning HubSpot Gold Agency Partner, and our employees are diversely trained. Certifications within our agency include HubSpot Inbound Certification, HubSpot Marketing Software Certification, HubSpot Partner Certification, Google AdWords Certification, Google Analytics Certification and Yext Partner Certification.

Additionally, we provide thought leadership in our space – both in our industrial marketing strategy learning center and as guest writers for a wide range of relevant publications. You can learn more about our featured writing below.

Chief Marketer

Using the buyer’s journey to evaluate content marketing success

Content marketing is key to B2B online success, but many marketers still don’t fully understand how these efforts contribute to the bottom line. This article looks at evaluating content marketing success.

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Manufacturing Global

A manufacturing marketing plan for generating leads quickly

We don’t believe in cutting corners for shortcuts to success. But we do believe in time efficiency and producing results as fast as possible. In this piece, we outline the approach to marketing for manufacturers on an accelerated timeline.

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For Construction Pros

Three types of website content to generate better construction leads

Whether you realize it or not, your prospects are learning about you before they ever pick up the phone. And that learning process will most likely begin on your company website.

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Industrial Distribution

How to achieve industrial marketing success in 2016

As industrial professionals spend more of their time gathering information online, those of us who sell our products and services to industrial professionals must begin to shift our marketing spend.

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Manufacturing Business Technology

Augmenting your tradeshow with email marketing and website tracking

In the past, we’ve compared the cost per lead and efficacy of tradeshows vs. websites, favoring the website build in the long run. But we’ve never ruled out tradeshows entirely.

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PR Daily

Why former journalists can make terrific content marketers

When organizations want to enhance their brand and take advantage of prospective clients’ hunger for information, they often turn to content marketers. This article explains why former journalists make for the perfect content marketers.

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A shout-out from our friends at HubSpot
"Over the past three years, I have used their own site as well as their clients' sites as 'best in class' examples of what effective Inbound Marketing looks like for Industrial B2B companies and other agencies aspiring to achieve predictable growth and scale continuously. I would highly recommend any sales or marketing leader in the Industrial B2B space leverage the knowledge, experience, and flawless execution capabilities that Gorilla 76 brings to the table."

- Brian Signorelli, Principal Sales Manager, HubSpot