Gorilla internships

Gorilla offers paid internships year round in marketing strategy, copywriting and art direction/graphic design. Our internships offer hands-on, real-world work experience for real clients. This isn’t a coffee and donuts gig, but an opportunity to sharpen your skill set, learn about online marketing and design, and prepare yourself for a career in the field. Visit our Careers page to apply under the appropriate job description.

Real work experience

Some of our most valuable learning opportunities came through our own internships (after all, that's how our partners Joe and Jon met), and we believe nothing beats real, hands-on work experience for real clients. Our internships are paid because we expect great work from every person we hire. We'll help you refine your skill sets and in exchange, you'll help us grow as a company.

Professional development curriculum

We've designed professional development curriculums consisting of books, ebooks and webinars catered to each type of internship we offer. These curriculums cover topics like marketing strategy, SEO, designing and writing for web, and Google Analytics. We'll cater your curriculum to your intended career path and current skill sets to guarantee you'll leave here more equipped for your next job than when you arrived.

Career goal setting

The first week of a Gorilla internship includes goal setting. We'll lay out specific goals that we believe you should accomplish in your time here in order to get you ready for the next step in your career. And we'll require you to do the same. Throughout your internship, together, we'll evaluate your progress toward those goals. This will help ensure that you get the most out of your time at Gorilla.

What some of our past interns had to say

Ken Earley

Ken interned with Gorilla as a copywriter starting in the summer of 2012 while he finished his degree at the University of Missouri – St. Louis. Soon after leaving Gorilla, Ken was hired at Atomicdust where he currently works as a copywriter.

“As a ‘Copywriter/Social Media Intern’, that was my job: copy and social. I’d never really written anything professionally before, but I was given the freedom to fail, constructive criticism in the form of copy edits from Jon and the support of everyone there to learn and grow over time.

As an intern at Gorilla, I worked hard, played hard and learned a lot. Not all internships are created equal – and the same goes for agencies. If you want to know what it’s like to actually work in the industry, I’d jump at the chance to work here. You’ll have the guidance of Jon and Joe. They’re experienced, talented, always willing to help and genuinely nice guys. I promise you’ll have a great experience as long as you’re willing to work hard, learn and eat a lot of Dressel’s.”

Kyle Fiehler

Kyle is a proud graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism. He interned for us in the summer of 2013 and was hired at Gorilla as a salaried copywriter just a few short months later. Don’t even think about recruiting him.

“I didn’t spend my time making copies or coffees as an intern at Gorilla 76. I was creating content for clients from day one, while learning how to make a website work as hard for a company as the guys on the job-sites do. Gorilla’s professional development curriculum may have done more to prepare me for the world of online marketing than did my four-year university, and they paid me instead of charging me! By the time I was hired following my internship, I had a handle on the strategy behind content marketing, from lead generation to customer acquisition. This allowed me to begin working directly with clients almost immediately. But they still haven’t let me wear the gorilla suit. Soon…”

Ali Palmerson

Ali was the first ever Gorilla intern. She worked here as a graphic designer during her senior year in the communication design program at Washington University in St. Louis. Ali went the entrepreneur route after graduation and now co-owns a design shop called Creative Parc in San Antonio.

“During the semester that I worked with Gorilla 76, I really was given great opportunities to stretch my legs on creative, real-world projects. I was always briefed as part of the team and my ideas were always considered and several times presented to the clients. It wasn’t just a ‘coffee and copies’ type of job. I worked directly with Joe and found him to be an incredible mentor. He gave great critiques but was always constructive and direct, inspiring me to dig deeper into each project. I was even able to see some of my work come to fruition in production.

Working at Gorilla 76 opened my eyes to the world of ’boutique’ design/marketing shops. It was my experience with them that led me to pursue my own independent design business. After graduation, I started a freelancing business called ‘Lowercase a: Design Studio.’ Several times, I even asked Joe and Jon for some tips of the trade and advice on certain business issues and they were more than happy to give me honest answers. They even sent some freelance work my way when they had some overflow, which was great for my new business.

After three years of working independently, I met my current business partner and we formed our new studio, Creative Parc. I still reflect on my internship experience with Gorilla 76, and I can’t deny that the brief time that I worked with Jon and Joe was monumental in the path that my career has taken. I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to work alongside them and grow under their guidance.”

Alix Marson

Alix spent the summer between her junior and senior years interning for us as a graphic designer. She’s currently finishing up her communication design major at the Sam Fox School of Art at Washington University in St. Louis. She’s a really smart kid.

“Interning at Gorilla 76 was exactly the experience I needed the summer after my junior year. From day one, I was doing work for real clients and was treated as an equal and trusted member of the Gorilla team. It’s a relaxed and intimate environment, and I never felt uncomfortable asking for help or feedback on my work. Jon and Joe are a fantastic team who made me feel right at home, despite me being the only female in an office of five men and a dog (a really, REALLY cute dog). They also own gorilla masks, making them officially cooler than any of my past employers.

Joe and I worked together on most projects, and not only did I learn half the Photoshop tricks I now know within a few weeks, but he also schooled me on the important basics and theory of web design and web marketing; he always seemed happy to do it, knowing that my university’s program focuses mainly on print design and wanting to further my education as much as he could. I left after three months having gotten experience with a large sum of design and marketing work for real companies, taking the lead in researching and designing a website’s layout, type, icons and color scheme, and learning how to communicate with clients and work directly with copywriters. My senior work is no longer necessarily confined to paper, and I now feel confident telling any potential employee that I can think like both a print designer and a web designer. Thanks, Gorilla!”

Sharpen your skills as a Gorilla 76 intern

Visit our Careers page to apply under the appropriate job description.