If you’re looking to tank your next interview (of course you aren’t – but hey, let’s have some fun!), then check out these five surefire ways to make the early exit. In typical listicle fashion, I’ll keep this short and to the point!

1. Show up late

Nothing says “I don’t want the job” or “I don’t really care that much about the job” or “my time is more valuable than your time” than showing up late for a job interview. I’ve already written about this, which you can read here, but here is the down and dirty – show up late and you’re well on your way to getting tossed into the “not a fit” pile!

2. Forget your resume…and something to write with

Nothing is more frustrating to the interviewer than an interviewee who doesn’t bring a resume (or a portfolio if you’re a creative). It communicates a lack of preparation and a lack of interest in actually getting hired. Equally frustrating is the candidate who shows up without a means of taking notes. So if you’re looking to crash and burn, leave the resume and writing instruments at home!

3. Lie

We work in marketing. Our BS detectors are as good as they get. Lie to us in an interview, and there’s a really good chance we’ll catch on. So if you’re looking to make an early exit, lie, lie, lie! That’s a surefire way to get cut early and often.

4. Be cocky

I interviewed a kid once. He had two years of experience and in all honesty, was really talented. At the interview, he rocked back in his chair and dropped a couple “F” bombs. Needless to say, he didn’t get invited back. Be confident, be comfortable, but don’t be cocky…unless of course, your mission is to tank.

5. Don’t do your research

This is interview 101 material. Come in without knowledge of our agency, good questions, or the slightest hint that you’ve done your research and you won’t get invited back. This tells me that you don’t really want to work for my company. Prove me wrong! Research like crazy. Come in with great questions. Challenge me. For more about how you can interview your potential employer, click here.

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