The Gorilla Referral Program

For a great referral, we’ll happily say thank you not only with words, but with our checkbook.

Here’s how it works:

  1. If you make a personal introduction to someone inside of a manufacturing organization that you think Gorilla could potentially help, and they proceed (at any point) to hire us for our preliminary $7500 Industrial Marketing Road Map project, we’ll cut you personally a check for $1000.
  2. About two out of three companies that do a Road Map with us then proceed to hire us for implementation of that plan. Should this happen, we’ll cut you an additional check for 1.5% of that fee. For context, our typical engagement costs about $100K. So that would mean another $1500 for no additional work on your part.

That’s it!

We only ask that any referrals closely match our ideal customer profile (midsized B2B manufacturers, which could mean OEMs, contract manufacturers or even distributors in some cases).

If anyone comes to mind and you could use some guidance about what to say in an introductory email, we’ll happily give you a starter script for that message and you can tweak it however you see fit.