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The day I graduated from college was the best day of my life. I felt accomplished, proud and relieved all at the same time (maybe a little scared too). No more practicing for the “real world,” I had finally made it. But when the euphoria of the day had subsided, it hit me: joining the “real world” meant that I needed a job.

The job search wasn’t what I would classify as fun. In fact, it was pretty stressful. But it helped that I knew two things for sure: 1) I wanted to work at an agency and 2) that agency needed to have a good company culture.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This quote embodies what company culture means to me. Going to lunch or grabbing drinks after work may seem like a small act, but they have a big impact on morale (an office dog doesn’t hurt either).

My time at Gorilla 76 has taught me that company culture is not just important to my coworkers and me, but to our clients as well. Good company culture fosters positivity, promotes teamwork and creates loyalty among employees.

Positivity breeds positivity

As I stated above, company culture fosters positivity. A positive attitude goes a long way, especially when it comes to client relations. Anyone in client service knows that one of our main goals is to make (and keep) the client happy. Producing great work is only part of that happiness. The other part is how the client is treated. No one wants to work with a Debby Downer. This quote from Robert Solomon’s The Art of Client Service really hits that idea home, “…while great work is what wins business, a great relationship is what keeps it.”

Positivity also promotes creativity, something that is of the utmost importance at a marketing agency. At Gorilla 76, all employees hold the title of Thinker. While this may seem a bit silly, everyone who works at an agency must be able to think strategically. We face challenges every day that require us to be able to find creative solutions. Working in an environment that promotes creative expression and values the voices of their employees will ultimately lead to better work, and better work translates to happier clients.

The agency machine

Good company culture also encourages teamwork. An agency should be like a well-oiled machine, full of moving parts that seamlessly work together to accomplish a common goal. Say that common goal is creating an infographic. If the writer and designer cannot work together or they constantly clash, the work will suffer. A positive work environment that encourages trust and collaboration will create that seamless interaction. And like a well-oiled machine, it will consistently produce great results.

The importance of employee loyalty

One of, if not the most important reason why your agency’s culture should matter to you (the client) is employee loyalty. Why should you remain loyal to an agency if their employees don’t? An agency with good company culture will create a working environment that makes it’s employees want to not just continue working there, but to continue to hone their craft and create better work. Good talent is hard to come by, and if it’s lost, the quality of work may be negatively impacted. Employee retention is an easy way to spot whether that positivity, teamwork and trust have been built. It also ensures that your point of contact at the agency will remain the same, so you are able to build a relationship and establish trust of your own.

When I was looking for a job, I knew that company culture was important to me, but what I didn’t know was how important it was for our clients as well. To build a client relationship, you must first establish trust. Good client relations and quality work are what establish that trust, but they cannot exist without a good company culture.

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