5 Ways to make your business more efficient using social media

We didn’t come up with the following ideas. We more found them, and let’s face it, that’s part of the deal these days. Then, after finding them, we thought of you.

No matter your occupation, some part of this will be relevant to you.

Thanks to the social media experts (Paul Gillin and Eric Schwartzman) behind Social Marketing to the Business Customer for writing their book. It’s been an incredible resource and inspiration.

With no further ado…

1. Social media can be an incredible way to generate goodwill within your workforce. It’s the perfect place to feature recent retirees, post notes of congratulation and get discussions going on what the menu for the company picnic should be this year. Additionally, it’s a useful tool for recruiting. After all, kids in college, yeah, they’re using Facebook and Twitter.

2. Reduce marketing costs by using free media! Never has the marketer had such reach and power without hefty media buys. Take advantage of this. Get a good strategy together, identify your audience and get rolling. Don’t forget to measure, assess, revise and attack (again).

3. Give your target market stuff they can interact with and allow your consumer to self-educate. This makes you an expert. It also lets you converse with your audience. That’s huge!

4. Increase efficiency through enhanced one-to-many communication…that hits 100% of your audience. Communicate with a wider, but more targeted, audience. Build stronger relationships with key communities. A wise writer (my first boss) used to always say to “fish where the fish are.” Well, the fish are now using the internet…and they’re swimming in large schools.

5. And to the executives, build a culture that embraces social media. We realize it may not be in your

company’s policy to Tweet, Like and Tumbl. But, we promise you, it’s in your customer’s policy.

Thanks. We appreciate you reading.