Code of ethical conduct in marketing

To live our company core values of results, improvement, relationships, kindness and inclusivity, Gorilla 76 and its employees affirm an obligation to the ethical conduct of our work.

This affirmation demonstrates our belief that we — and our customers, partners, vendors, subcontractors and other stakeholders — are actors not only in the economy but in the wider society, and that we owe it to society to act in good faith.

As long-term stakeholders in the economy, marketers must understand how their work impacts wider society and strive to, at least, do no harm.

Thus, Gorilla 76 commits to the following ethical standards as they relate to our work and our relationships. We will:

  • Respect the dignity of all stakeholders
  • Fairly balance the interests of buyer and seller
  • Be honest and transparent with customers, partners, vendors, subcontractors and all other stakeholders
  • Never engage in manipulative or disingenuous tactics
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and report any we observe
  • Take responsibility for the accuracy of our work
  • Never knowingly misrepresent, distort or oversimplify information
  • Avoid stereotypes, biases and prejudices in our work products
  • Never plagiarize
  • Attribute sources and refer to original source material when appropriate
  • Be cautious in our promises and keep those we make

When a team member notices a potential or imminent code of ethics conflict, they flag it to their team and director. If the team member needs guidance from the leadership team, their director takes responsibility for escalating the discussion and helping the team member act in alignment with the code.