B2B marketing case studies

When you invest in inbound marketing, you should expect measurable results.
Here’s what success looks like for our clients.

How we generated 92 qualified leads over 10 months for a material science start-up

We decided to work with Green Dot Bioplastics to answer the question, "are these online contacts actually qualified enough to turn into real customers?" We think you'll like to answer. Read our success story.

How we tripled website traffic in two years for an industrial coatings manufacturer

The way to succeed in a saturated market is to start doing things differently. And that’s exactly what a lean, but strong, coatings company did when they moved marketing dollars from traditional to web in order to capture online real estate. Read our success story.

How our website rebuild grew online leads 150% in one month for an engine manufacturer and distributor

CK Power's consultative business model made them an ideal candidate for inbound marketing, but a clunky website was hurting the overall performance of their online business. Read our success story.

How we increased monthly website contacts 600% in two years for The Korte Company

Learn how we took The Korte Company's site from a digital sales brochure to a lead generating machine over two years. Read our success story.

Website visitors converted into real sales leads for leading flooring contractor

Website traffic is good. Website traffic that turns into real sales leads is great. Learn how we helped turn a leading flooring contractor’s website traffic into real opportunities for their sales force. Read our success story.

Inbound marketing immediately delivers new leads for geotechnical contractor

Learn how we helped geotechnical contractor Subsurface Constructors Inc. shift marketing dollars in order to immediately capture real leads. Read our success story. Read our success story.

Inbound construction marketing helps Design-Builder win multi-million dollar job

Learn how we helped The Korte Company create an email lead nurturing strategy that played a big role in converting a strong lead into a new paying customer. Read our success story.

Industrial painter grows website traffic and online leads

Learn how we helped industrial painting company Thomas Industrial Coatings grow website traffic by over 60% and develop a strategy for generating online leads. Read our success story.

Online lead generation strategy helps software company grow business

Learn how we helped industrial job-site software developer TruQC turn their website into a lead generating machine. Read our success story.

Steel pipe distributor more than doubles inbound leads

Learn how we helped American Piping Products, one of the world's largest distributors of steel pipe, more than double inbound leads through their website. Read our success story.

More client work

website traffic growth

How we grew website traffic more than 1000 percent in less than a year

Alton Materials is a scrap metal recycling business located in Alton, IL. They serve both the general public and businesses in industries like construction, demolition and manufacturing. We began an inbound marketing initiative for Alton Materials in March of 2013 after developing their online marketing strategy and completing a website rebuild. One year after we… Read post


Content marketing for Recycling Consultants and Alton Materials

Alton Materials and Recycling Consultants are sister companies in the scrap metal recycling business. The former is a scrap yard that also provides business services and the latter is scrap metal brokerage firm specializing in railroad scrap metals. We began our online marketing retainer with them in late 2012. Our assignment Alton Materials (AM) and… Read post

web app for lead generation

Lead generation tool for industrial pipe supplier

A big focus of Gorilla 76 is developing useful resources and tools for the target audiences of our clients. This helps prospects find our clients in the search engines, qualifies our clients as solutions for said prospects and encourages them to take action. In the business-to-business world, this content typically takes the shape of product or service… Read post

lead generation infographic

Infographic as lead generator

People respond better to images than long paragraphs of copy online, and infographics provide a solution for presenting information visually. So what have marketers done with that little nugget of insight over the past few years? They’ve compiled and spit out out piles of useless visual information for the sake of creating infographics of course!… Read post

Trade ad campaign for general contractor

We try to make the most of every marketing opportunity – even the little ones. This tiny, black and white trade ad campaign for one of our  clients – The Korte Company – specifically targets the healthcare industry. Throughout the last few months, a one-off ad has evolved into a series of four. Our goal was… Read post


Branding an industrial software company

As our business has evolved, we’ve shifted from an agency that delivers project-based work for lots of clients to one that works on a retainer business with a select client base. While this shift was helped us grow into a true business growth partner with our clients, it has also meant less of the logo… Read post

Brand positioning and email marketing for distribution company

American Piping Products is one of the world’s largest distributors of steel pipe and one of St. Louis’ fastest growing companies. In 2012, they asked us to build brand positioning and a consistent look, while supporting their sales team through email lead nurturing. Brand positioning We started the American Piping Products work by first taking… Read post

Website development for property management company

Red Brick is a St. Louis-based property management company that owns many-a-square-foot in cool, old (but renovated) buildings in St. Louis’ most popular neighborhoods. The locally renowned company has been around for more than 40 years, so we were honored when they approached us about building a robust website. Tasks were many on this project,… Read post

B2B website design for a professional services firm

Merchant banking. Ever heard of it? We hadn’t either. But the guys at Butcher Joseph Hayes had and they called on us to help with some early marketing efforts. We did what any smart marketing company would do – we learned their industry. As a quick briefing, Butcher Joseph Hayes is a start-up investment banking… Read post

Construction industry advertising: A trade journal campaign

Though we’ve watched ourselves morph into a web-marketing-focused shop in recent years, we still recognize that the print ad has its place…here and there…every once in a while. In case you haven’t gathered from our site, we work with a lot of companies that do business in “hard hat” industries – building and construction, industrial… Read post