Our ideal client

If you don’t check all the boxes, it doesn’t mean that we can’t help you. But a majority of the following ring true in our most successful client engagements.

Our best-fit clients…

  • Are midsized B2B manufacturing organizations ($15-200M in annual revenue) doing business in the United States
  • Are comprised of individuals who collectively possess deep expertise in their lines of business
  • Sell customized solutions (rather than commodities) that require a consultative sale through often-long and complex buying processes
  • Want to align their business development strategies with an industrial buying process that’s rapidly shifting online
  • Don’t face geographic constraints to where they can grow their businesses (conduct business nationally or beyond, rather than locally or regionally)
  • Are interested in long-term strategy (not quick, cheap fixes) for growing their top and bottom lines with ideal-fit customers
  • Are ready and willing to invest in strategy before implementation (investigation of the problem and diagnosis of the solution before execution of the tactics)
  • Are prepared to commit the time and attention of their Executive and Sales teams both at the beginning of the engagement and throughout the marketing process