Free live training for industrial marketers

Join us live every three weeks for our episodic webinar series, Industrial Marketing Live. Led by Gorilla 76 Thinker & Strategy Director Matthew Sciannella, we’re teaching advanced marketing strategy, specifically for B2B manufacturers. And we’re getting tactical.

Each session focuses on a new topic – from demand generation to website optimization to email marketing and more. And we’re bringing in deep subject matter experts every time to join Matthew. We’ve intentionally designed our webinars to be very interactive, so come with your questions and we’ll get them answered along the way.

If you work in manufacturing and your job title includes the word “marketing,” this is for you.

Hosted by:
Matthew Sciannella
Matthew Sciannella

Thinker & Strategy Director

Who the heck is Gorilla 76?

Gorilla 76 is an industrial marketing agency based in St. Louis, MO. We help midsized B2B manufacturers identify, attract, engage and drive sales opportunities with ideal-fit customers.