The seven core elements of The Industrial Growth Solution

Brand Positioning
Website Infrastructure
Website Traffic Strategy
Lead Generation Strategy
Sales Enablement Strategy
Lead Nurturing Strategy
ROI Reporting Process

Your customer should be at the center of every decision you make

We help you define the characteristics of your ideal customer (the companies you want to attract and their relevant individuals) and then craft your message. This helps guide every marketing decision moving forward.
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Your website is your most powerful business development tool

It’s the center of all your online marketing efforts. With your team, we design, write and build a website that serves as a business development machine. It works all day, every day, to attract, inform, engage and convert leads.
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You can't grow if the right customers can't find you in the first place

With content marketing, search engine optimization and online publishing, we build and activate a strategy that attracts the right people from the right companies.
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You need a lead-generation system focused on converting visitors into leads

Through gated content, analytics software and A/B testing, you understand how your site is used and we consistently make improvements to grow your conversion rate.
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Equip your team with the processes to close more deals

We help you implement the right CRM (customer relationship management) and marketing automation tools for your company. Then, we train your team on how to use them.
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Move cool leads through the buying process while Sales works the hotter ones

We build email marketing campaigns that keep you top-of-mind until your leads are ready to buy.
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Revenue is the only true success metric

Traffic and leads are meaningless if they don't drive sales. We install analytics tools, establish an ROI Reporting Process and facilitate recurring marketing and sales meetings to share data between the two departments at your company.
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The Industrial Growth Solution phases and timeline

Our work is built in three phases. You can step out, without further commitment, after each.

The first two months

Phase 1

Consultation, Discovery Session, Mini Audit & Proposal

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Phase 2

Comprehensive Audit & Design of Industrial Growth Solution

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Phase 3

Execution of Industrial Growth Solution

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Phase 1: Consultation, Discovery Session, Mini Audit & Proposal
No cost

Before you make any commitment, we begin with a 30-minute Industrial Marketing Consultation to make sure we’re a fit. We follow with a 90-minute Discovery Session focused on gaining an understanding of your current marketing and sales situation, competitive landscape and customer.

Next, we conduct a Mini Audit with analytics software and by conducting competitive research. We present our findings, recommendations and range of costs in our Solution Review Meeting.

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Phase 2: Comprehensive Audit & Design of Industrial Growth Solution
$5K-10K one-time project fee

During the Mini Audit in Phase 1, we gain a basic understanding of your current Marketing and Sales strategy. Now, in the Comprehensive Audit, we dive deeper.

We use tools that show us how visitors are using your site to gain an understanding of behavior. We conduct extensive keyword research to identify traffic growth opportunities.

Finally, we present our Industrial Growth Solution – an actionable roadmap for the next 12 months that capitalizes on your biggest opportunities to generate traffic, leads and sales.

Phase 3: Execution of your Industrial Growth Solution
$5K-10K per month, ongoing

If we’ve made a believer out of you and you’re ready to partner with Gorilla 76 to grow your business online, we execute the plan we’ve designed. The cost of your Industrial Growth Solution will depend on a combination of budget, results desired and the difficulty of achieving those results in your particular marketplace.

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Case Study: Inbound marketing generates $800,000 in Q2 revenue for generator distributor
“We’ve seen a measurable increase in revenue since working with Gorilla 76. In Q2 of 2017, we were able to attribute $800,000 in revenue to leads that Gorilla helped drum up through our combined marketing efforts. I highly recommend them to any company looking to grow in the industrial sector.”

-Clayton Costello, Operations Manager, CK Power

Engagement increased by 52% with email marketing
“Working with Gorilla 76 has enabled us to share our knowledge with our customers and the marketplace at large. We’ve gotten great feedback and have seen an increased volume of inquiries as a result.”

– Phil Harris, Marketing Manager, Paulo

Case Study: Generating 92 qualified leads in 10 months for a material science start-up
“As a start-up company, tracing ROI back to our marketing spend is incredibly important. Gorilla 76 has helped us measure the success of our marketing efforts over years of working with them. Their team cares about showing real ROI, and we’ve worked with them to create an effective closed-loop system between our marketing and sales teams.”

– Kevin Ireland, Communications Manager, Green Dot Bioplastics

Case Study: Quintupling web traffic in three years for a coatings manufacturer
“Gorilla has helped us build a comprehensive online marketing strategy that’s putting real leads on the table for us every month. Their work has become an important piece of our business development strategy.”

– Mike Reed, President, US Coatings

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