Our Industrial Marketing Services

Firm believers in strategy before implementation, we begin all client engagements with a consulting project that gives us a well-rounded picture of your situation before we formulate our recommendations.

From there, we offer full implementation services to set your plan in motion, or alternatively, ongoing consulting and coaching to help you build and develop your internal marketing function, while guiding you through implementation.

Industrial Marketing Road Map

Our flagship consulting engagement for B2B manufacturers – The Industrial Marketing Road Map – is where we begin with all clients.

This engagement costs $7500 and requires 3-4 weeks, including a Discovery Workshop with your leadership team, followed by a period of research by our team. And it culminates in the delivery of a documented marketing strategy with specific recommendations for the action items that will get your company from point A to point B over the next 6-12 months.

When crafting your plan, we’ll take into consideration both your internal resources (staff available to play a role in implementation) and your marketing budget to be sure your Road Map is executable. And we’ll include different options for how to get it done:

  1. If we did all the work for you
  2. If you did it yourself under our guidance
  3. Some combination of the two

Your Road Map will lay the foundation for a results-driven marketing implementation that eliminates guesswork and avoids wasted time and money. Learn more.

Phase One Implementation

Following the delivery of your Road Map, we’ll help you implement your action plan – usually over a period of 6-12 months.

In most cases, we design a Phase One Implementation to accomplish two things:

  1. Put the foundational pieces in place to build a long-term, sustainable marketing system (positioning, website, technology stack, content strategy)
  2. Jumpstart results with some quick wins (demand and lead generation, sales enablement)

For most of our clients, our team executes a majority of the work. Learn more about our Implementation Services.

For others, we serve as their Strategy team, guiding them through implementation, transferring our knowledge through live and recorded trainings and coaching their team to help them build a sustainable internal marketing function. Learn more about our Consulting Services.

In cases where we’re doing all the work for a client, a Phase One Implementation typically requires $125-175K including our fees, a paid media budget, software and sometimes other third-party specialist fees.

When we’re purely consulting/coaching, a total budget of $50-75K is more typical.

For many clients, we tackle the Phase One Implementation together and costs end up somewhere in between.

Ongoing Implementation or Consulting

Following the Road Map project and a Phase One Implementation of the plan that comes from it, many of our clients move into ongoing engagements with us.

In these cases, we begin rinse-and-repeat process of continuous improvement, typically working in 3-month cycles where we:

  • Create a plan for the quarter
  • Implement (or consult you through implementation)
  • Continuously measure and analyze what’s working and what’s not
  • Adjust accordingly
  • Repeat

In cases where we’re handling implementation, $7500-10,000/month is usually a good benchmark for budgeting. Some of our clients spend well above that figure, depending on how much fuel they’re choosing to throw on the fire. Learn more about our Implementation Services.

In cases where we’re purely consulting/coaching you, $4000/month is a typical budget. Learn more about our Consulting Services.

We don’t require long-term contracts or year-long commitments at Gorilla. Instead we ask for 90 days notice before terminating an agreement. This lets us keep enough capacity from a dedicated team (Strategist, Account Manager and Copywriter) reserved for you.

Many of our clients have been with us for 5+ years and this consistent team becomes more valuable to them as time goes on and we learn their businesses inside and out.

Case Study: Quintupling web traffic in three years for a coatings manufacturer
“Gorilla has helped us build a comprehensive online marketing strategy that’s putting real leads on the table for us every month. Their work has become an important piece of our business development strategy.”

– Mike Reed, President, US Coatings