Our process and pricing

Strategy must precede implementation.

And for that reason, we begin all client engagements with a defined road-mapping process that includes discovery and research before formulating an actionable plan.

From there, we move into execution, whether that means implementing on your behalf, implementing in tandem with your team or purely guiding you.

Here are the details:

Industrial Marketing Road Map

Regardless of your company’s size (or whether you’re an OEM, contract manufacturer, systems integrator or industry 4.0 technology company), we start the same way.

Our Industrial Marketing Road Map is a one-month strategy project that costs $7500 and culminates in the delivery of an actionable marketing plan.

Here’s how it plays out:

1. Discovery Survey

You’ll spend about two hours completing a questionnaire to answer our 101-level questions about your products/services, audience, sales and marketing history, and business outcomes you need to achieve.

2. Discovery Workshop

We’ll conduct a half-day (four-hour) Discovery Workshop with your leadership team (CEO/president, VP of sales, marketing staff and a few sales team members) to deepen our understanding of your business.

3. Research and plan creation

Over the next few weeks, we’ll supplement what we’ve learned with research, formulate our recommendations and craft a documented strategy and action plan (your Industrial Marketing Road Map).

4. Road Map Delivery

Finally, we’ll reconvene for 90 minutes to walk you through that plan and discuss options for implementation.

When crafting your plan, we’ll take into consideration both your internal resources (staff available to play a role in implementation) and your marketing budget to be sure your Industrial Marketing Road Map is executable.

Your Industrial Marketing Road Map will lay the foundation for a results-oriented marketing program that eliminates guesswork and avoids wasted time and money.

One last note: We fully guarantee this $7500 strategy project. If you’re not happy with your Road Map, pay us what you thought it was worth or pay us nothing at all.

Phase One Implementation

With your Industrial Marketing Road Map in place, it’s time to execute.

Most Phase One Implementations break down into three categories:

  1. Foundation (positioning, website, technology stack, content strategy)
  2. Demand generation (content creation, content distribution)
  3. Lead development (sales enablement)

Collectively, these elements will lay a rock-solid foundation for your marketing program, while starting to generate marketing-sourced pipeline as quickly as possible.

A typical Phase One Implementation plays out over nine months and costs between $125K and $225K, broken down as follows:

  • Gorilla 76 fees: $100-150K
  • Media fees: $25-50K
  • Software fees: $10-15K
  • Third-party contractor fees: $5-25K

For most of our clients, our team executes a majority of the work. But for some, we serve as a consultant and/or coach, providing guidance and helping skill up their internal teams. Regardless, someone has to physically do the hard work. So you’ll either pay for implementation with your team’s time or an agency budget. Often it’s a combination of the two.

Ongoing implementation

Continuous improvement will be key to your success. Let’s evaluate what’s working and what’s not, adjust your plan accordingly and reapply.

Following a Phase One Implementation, most of our clients move into ongoing engagements with us. At this stage, our objective is draw on what we’ve learned during Phase One and build a marketing engine that is continuously improving.

We’ll continue to work in nine-month cycles that include rediscovery, plan creation, execution and measurement. Under the assumption we’re implementing for you, pricing benchmarks follow:

  • Gorilla 76 fees: $10,000+/month
  • Media fees: $4000+/month
  • Software fees: $1000+/month

The more your team handles on the implementation front, the lower our agency fees will be.

Note that we don’t require long-term contracts or year-long commitments. Instead we ask for 90 days notice before terminating an agreement. This lets us keep enough capacity from a dedicated team (strategist, client success executive and writer) reserved for you. And it allows you to avoid committing too far into the future.

Expectations for your timeline to results

Let’s be clear about something right out of the gate: Building a sustainable marketing program doesn’t happen overnight. 

Here are a few important considerations:

  1. Before you start investing time and money into driving the right people from the right companies to your website, you need a rock-solid foundation in place for your marketing program (positioning, website, technology stack, content strategy), or you’ll be spinning your wheels.
  2. Once that foundation has been laid, your program requires a ramp period, which often takes four to five months before it hits its stride. We’ll have our eyes on the marketing KPIs that will show us whether things are moving in the right direction. But unless you have a very short sales cycle and a giant-sized total addressable market, manage your expectations about generating a significant level of revenue from your program in the first handful of months.
  3. You’re not going to outpace your customer’s buying cycle with your marketing program. If your sales cycle takes six months start to finish (like it does for many of our clients), plan for results accordingly.

In conclusion, if you need leads right now, we’re likely not the right fit. You’re better off buying a subscription to Zoominfo and dialing for dollars.

But if you’re interested in building a sustainable marketing engine that will source pipeline for you well into the future, we should talk.