Our Industrial Marketing Services

Firm believers in strategy before implementation, we begin all client engagements with a consulting project before committing to a long-term engagement together. Currently, these consulting projects take on two forms – The Industrial Marketing Road Map and The Industrial Website Blueprint. Following either, we offer full implementation services to set your plan in motion, or alternatively, ongoing consulting and coaching to guide you through implementation. Details on each of these service offerings follow:

Industrial Marketing Road Map

$5000 – 10,000, depending on scope

Our flagship consulting engagement for B2B manufacturers – The Industrial Marketing Road Map – is where we begin with most clients. This month-long process culminates in the delivery of a documented marketing and sales strategy, including an action plan with concise recommendations for specific deliverables. Your Road Map will lay the foundation for a results-driven marketing implementation that eliminates guesswork and avoids wasted time and money. Learn more.

Industrial Website Blueprint

$5000+, depending on scope

Designed specifically for manufacturing organizations that are preparing for a website overhaul, the Industrial Website Blueprint focuses on the often-overlooked steps before design, development and copywriting begin. This analysis and written plan will assure your website is backed by the strategy and critical infrastructure to attract, engage and convert ideal-fit prospects into leads. Learn more.

Implementation Services

$7500+/month, ongoing

Following completion of one of the two consulting engagements listed above, if both parties believe there is a fit, we offer full implementation services in a number of areas including brand positioning, content marketing, SEO, website development and optimization, email, account-based marketing and sales enablement. Learn more.

Ongoing Consulting and Coaching

$1000+/month, depending on scope

In some cases, our clients are equipped with the internal team to implement the plans we create for them. In these scenarios, we serve as their strategy team. We’ll perform ongoing research, develop your quarterly plans, provide reports with analysis and offer strategic recommendations on how to shift gears when necessary. This is a rinse and repeat cycle that should happen every 3-4 months. If you’re implementing our strategies internally, we can also coach your team on a regular basis to hold you accountable and assure you’re implementing effectively. Learn more.

Online Training

$1500 course fee + optional consulting/coaching

This Fall (2019), we’ll be launching an on-demand online training course called “The Manufacturer’s Step-By-Step Guide to Creating a Profit-Generating Marketing Plan”. The course is designed for Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers, CMOs or the like at B2B manufacturing companies. Throughout 10+ video modules, we’ll guide you through the completion of a fully-documented strategy and action plan for the next 12-24 months. After finishing the course, you’ll be ready to hit the grounding running. Learn more.

Case Study: Quintupling web traffic in three years for a coatings manufacturer
“Gorilla has helped us build a comprehensive online marketing strategy that’s putting real leads on the table for us every month. Their work has become an important piece of our business development strategy.”

– Mike Reed, President, US Coatings