We might be a fit if you...
  • Are an expert B2B manufacturer
  • Sell customized solutions requiring a consultative sale
  • Deal with an often-long and complex buying process
  • See your customers’ buying process shifting online
  • Want a sustainable growth strategy (not a quick fix)
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CK Power
Case study: Inbound marketing generates $800,000 in Q2 revenue for generator distributor
“We’ve seen a measurable increase in revenue since working with Gorilla 76. In Q2 of 2017, we were able to attribute $800,000 in revenue to leads that Gorilla helped drum up through our combined marketing efforts. I highly recommend them to any company looking to grow in the industrial sector.”

-Clayton Costello, Operations Manager, CK Power

Green Dot Bioplastics
Case study: generating 92 qualified leads in 10 months for a material science start-up
“As a startup company, tracing ROI back to our marketing spend is incredibly important. Gorilla 76 has helped us measure the success of our marketing efforts over years of working with them. Their team cares about showing real ROI, and we’ve worked with them to create an effective closed-loop system between our marketing and sales teams.”

– Kevin Ireland, Communications Manager, Green Dot Bioplastics

US Coatings
Case study: quintupling web traffic in three years for a coatings manufacturer
“Gorilla has helped us build a comprehensive online marketing strategy that’s putting real leads on the table for us every month. Their work has become an important piece of our business development strategy.”

– Mike Reed, President, US Coatings

The Korte Company
Case study: increasing website contacts 650 percent in two years for a national construction company
“We’ve seen steady growth in traffic and leads since launching the new site back in 2015. By refining our digital marketing strategy to focus on the biggest conversion opportunities, we’ve seen more engaged visitors that convert into tangible leads for the business development team to pursue. Obviously, Gorilla has played a key role in that process.”

-Todd Imming, CMO, The Korte Company

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