About the client and why they came to us

Davron Technologies is an engineering-heavy manufacturer of industrial ovens based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They approached us in 2020 to help them grow faster through new customer acquisition.

Challenges to overcome

Davron’s leadership made it very clear in our early conversations that they needed marketing to be a vehicle for new customer growth.

They knew they had a unique product and compelling value proposition but were missing untapped market share, particularly in some key industry verticals.

They were seeking a marketing partner that would put in the work to understand their audience and then design and implement a strategy to reach and engage those future customers.

Our solution

We started by taking Davron through our Road Map process to learn as much as we could about their product lines, customers and competitive space and to design a revenue-focused marketing plan that would help them meet their new customer acquisition targets.

We then followed with implementation, which included the following:

Content strategy and creation

We’ve led Davron through an aggressive (and now ongoing) content push from day one to populate their brand new Resource Center.

All along the way, our content team has helped Davron lean into the deep expertise of their engineers and technical experts to create a variety of written thought leadership content and case studies (see the “Articles” and “Case studies” tabs in Davron’s Resource Center).

These content creation efforts are ongoing, helping Davron position themselves as the industry leader in custom-engineered industrial ovens and thermal processing solutions.

Lead generation and demand generation

We’ve helped Davron solidify their position in search engines to drive the right traffic organically.

But simultaneously, we’ve used paid media to manage targeted lead generation and demand generation campaigns to reach specific job roles from specific types of companies in specific industry verticals with messaging and content crafted precisely for them.

Results to date

Speaking to the first year of our engagement (2020), Operations Engineer Aaron Speicher said:

“Results-wise, we generally get one to two customers a year if we we’re lucky. With Gorilla after the first 12 months, we were at eight new customers. Our expectations were exceeded by Gorilla.”

We followed in year two (2021), by helping Davron grow top-line revenue by 20%, generating $9M in pipeline sourced directly through marketing activity.

“I know we are in a partnership now. It’s like a branch of our business that’s helping us grow our revenue.” – Aaron Speicher