People respond better to images than long paragraphs of copy online, and infographics provide a solution for presenting information visually.

So what have marketers done with that little nugget of insight over the past few years? They’ve compiled and spit out out piles of useless visual information for the sake of creating infographics of course!

Infographics as lead generation tools

An infographic is a tactic for achieving an end goal. Period. Like a print ad, a direct mailer, a trade show booth, a website, a blog post or any other marketing tool, an infographic should be designed to fulfill a specific business goal.

How we did it

Last month, we completed an infographic (in unison with SEO firm Evolve Digital Labs) for The Korte Company, a Design-Build contractor in the St. Louis area. But this wasn’t just some haphazard effort. No siree Bob. We had a process in place.

  1. Our client identified business opportunity in hospital construction.
  2. It then made sense to investigate marketing opportunities in the healthcare construction market.
  3. We observed high volume of Google searches already sending traffic to Korte website for terms like “hospital floor plans”.
  4. We interviewed an internal expert at Korte about best practices in designing hospital floor plans.
  5. Our team combined this research with links to 50 quality hospital floor plans we helped compile.
  6. Gorilla 76 designed and wrote a keyword-driven, visual “hospital floor plans” infographic to use in social media channels and distribute to healthcare media sources

This infographic was centered around a specific business goal and was supported by research. The end product was a branded marketing piece that further solidified our client as an expert and provided a useful, relevant, targeted resource for a very niche audience. Click here to view the infographic.

Infographic for lead generation

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