Inbound construction marketing helps Design-Builder win multi-million dollar job

The Korte Company is one of the largest Design-Builders in the U.S. In fact, they actually helped invent the method of construction. Like any construction company worth their salt, The Korte Company is well versed in a variety of markets — ranging from Department of Defense work to healthcare and education.

Issue and importance

The Korte Company decided to make a push to pursue more work in the healthcare market in order to capitalize on previous experience and success. This was a significant shift in business for the company. There are two things that are very important to note about this particular case study. First, the sales cycle in construction is extremely long and can range from months to even years. Second, The Korte Company was fortunate to have a large amount of contacts. In order for them to capitalize on this goldmine of data, they would have to rely on email marketing to supplement the daily phone calls and emails their sales team were already making and sending.

Solution and results

After helping The Korte Company segment their healthcare contacts, we built a lead-nurturing campaign to educate those contacts through content and keep them engaged. Within months, the construction marketing work paid off. Results follow:

  • Seven of nine contacts at the company were highly engaged in the email-nurturing campaigns
  • The Korte Company was awarded construction duties for a multi-million dollar, 5,000+ square-foot surgery center
We recently landed a nice healthcare project. In looking back at our contacts’ Hubspot profiles, we noticed that seven out of nine of our contacts at the company that awarded us the project were very engaged with the regular marketing emails we send. Our company reaped the benefits of Gorilla’s lead-nurturing efforts firsthand.

– Todd Imming, CMO, The Korte Company

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