Lead Generation

Most industrial companies use their websites as “digital brochures” for hard selling their products or services to prospective customers. But this approach is backward and doesn’t cut it in today’s digital spaces.

Unless you sell a commodity product or service, your customer’s buying process is complex. It’s unrealistic to expect visitors to arrive on your site, skim a few pages about what you do and then reach out to you to buy. The reality is that a majority of your visitors are there to research solutions to their problems and evaluate their buying options, something they’re also doing on your competitors’ websites.

At Gorilla, we design lead generation pipelines that turn anonymous visitors into leads with names, phone numbers and email addresses. Fairly simple, right? Keep reading.

Our job starts with learning what kind of information your ideal customers seek during their buying processes. What problems are they trying to solve? What questions are they trying to answer? What solutions do they need? From there, we work with you to create content that addresses each, while establishing trust in your company.

Because your buyers’ journeys look like the above, we focus on getting your website visitors to trade their contact information for resources that they’ll find useful. Those resources come in the form of educational white papers, case studies, tools and free consultation offers for qualified visitors who aren’t quite ready for a sales conversation. When you can offer something valuable enough for your visitors to give up their phone number or email address, control of the conversation shifts from your visitor to your sales team.

Once your lead generation infrastructure is in place, we make use of website analytics, heat mapping software and A/B tests to learn how your site visitors are using your website and consuming your content. This data guides every decision we make as we grow your visitor-to-lead conversion rate from 1% to 2% to 3% and beyond. The end result is more good opportunities for your sales team.

With a lead generation strategy in place, we turn to your sales team. Here’s how we help them pursue inbound leads.