Lead Nurturing

Because the industrial buying process can be long and complex, we design and implement an email marketing program that consistently nurtures your leads while your sales team focuses on the high-priority opportunities.

We first look at the size and makeup of your existing email database and work with you to segment those contacts by buyer persona and stage in the buying process. Then, we prioritize those segments and design email nurturing strategies accordingly.

Monthly newsletters create consistent touch points with your contacts and provide a channel for exposing them to new educational content. Blog subscriptions let your more engaged contacts receive new content as it’s published. Automated drip campaigns can trigger customized email sequences based on actions taken by leads as they visit and revisit your website.

Regardless of the tactical approach, the objective of your Lead Nurturing Strategy is to parallel your sales process by continuously building thought leadership for your business, establishing trust over time and ensuring you’re top-of-mind when your prospective customers are ready to buy.

None of the strategies or infrastructure you put in place is useful if you can’t see how it’s working. That’s why ROI reporting is such a critical part of what we offer. Read more about that here.