Manufacturing Growth Club

What began in early 2021 as panel discussions with manufacturing leaders on the social audio app, Clubhouse, will take on a new life in 2022.

In short, we’ll be hosting Zoom-based conversations with passionate manufacturing leaders about the topics that matter right now – from the labor shortage to supply chain challenges and from industry 4.0 technology to business development.

We’ll open up these conversations to a live audience and encourage participation from those in attendance. If you’re interested in learning more or have ideas for a panel topics please message our Co-Founder, Joe Sullivan.

Here’s an overview of the panels we’ve moderated to date:

The New ROI of MFG Automation

Let’s redefine ROI as “Real Opportunity Investment”. From combating the labor shortage to improving safety and employee satisfaction, we discussed how investing in automation impacts more than your PNL.


Creating Scalability Through Process

Many business owners started as experts in their craft – not experts at running a business. But scaling up requires removing themselves from the daily grind and creating processes their teams can execute. We discussed how to start taking off your many hats one by one so you can work on rather than in the business.


Building an Online Manufacturing Community:

From AI and robotics to welding and fabrication, you’ll find a variety of niche manufacturing communities online. We discussed how to engage your audience in this way and platforms for doing it.


CAD Model as Marketing Tool

Blog posts, case studies, white papers, webinars. They all have their place in a B2B company’s marketing strategy. But here’s one that’s unique to manufacturers: The CAD Model. We discussed how to put it to work.


  • Nick Goellner (VP Sales & Marketing, AME and Hennig)
  • Adam Beck (Director of Marketing, CADENAS PARTsolutions)
  • Andrew Hood (Manager, Business Development | PLM Solutions, CADENAS PARTsolutions)
  • Joe Sullivan (Thinker & Founder, Gorilla 76)

Combating the Manufacturing Labor Shortage:

Perception: “Robots are gonna take our jobs!” Reality: “We can’t find people to do the jobs.” We talked about where manufacturers are going wrong on the hiring front and what they can do differently.


The Power of Customer Interviews

How often do we make assumptions about what our prospects care about? In this session, we broke down methodology for replacing assumptions with insights – right from the mouths of your customers.


How Manufacturers Can Leverage Video

With trade shows sidelined and in-person meetings limited, there’s no better time than now for manufacturers to humanize their brands with video. We talked through a handful of ways to do it.


A 3-step Manufacturing Marketing Framework

Here’s an actionable plan for filling your sales funnel in 2021 – another year where trade shows and in-person meetings will be largely sidelined