TruQC offers job-site documentation and quality control software for the iPad. They currently work with some of the largest industrial companies in the United States and have recently begun to expand their offering globally and into other markets.

Issue and importance

TruQC hired us for a variety of marketing endeavors, one of which — the focus of this case study — was (and still is) delivering leads via their website. The company has a strong offline presence thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of their management team, but, being a startup and having a small team, it was a top priority to use the web to more effectively promote their product and ultimately increase their lead database. And that’s where we came in.

Solution and results

To generate leads through their website, we developed a variety of offers for their visitors that could be exchanged for contact information. These offers included white papers, case studies, live demo requests and newsletter subscriptions. Results follow:

  • As of May 2015, TruQC had received nearly 800 information requests via their website since beginning this initiative with Gorilla 76. That includes nearly 250 premium content downloads and nearly 500 live demo requests.
  • In Q1 of 2015 alone, TruQC had 112 information requests. That includes white paper downloads, case study downloads, live demo requests and a few other conversion opportunities.
  •  TruQC has since closed deals with many of the leads Gorilla helped produce.