An interview on the Sales POP! podcast

I was recently interviewed by John Golden on the Sales POP! podcast about how to create the right balance in your marketing plan between activities that will produce short-term results and those that will drive sustainable success.

You can listen to the episode – “Marketing Balance for Fast Success and Sustainable” below or find it here on Apple Podcasts.

Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Many of the decisions you make for your business’ long-term success require patience, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on quick wins. You can achieve both fast results and sustainable growth as long as you’re okay with trade-offs.
  • Your content’s main focus should be on your customer’s needs. If you focus on the right people, then the right traffic will follow.
  • Outbound and paid media can have a valuable place in the fast-results side of the equation as long as you’re focused on the people and organizations that benefit the most from what you offer.
  • You and your people are the experts in what you do. Let your knowledge and expertise drive your marketing and sales approach as you guide your customers and prospects to a solution.
  • The future of marketing is hyper-focused. As social platforms and targeting tools become more sophisticated, you’ll have the ability to beta test every small detail of your marketing until you have a winning formula.