I’ve always believed that even the smallest of shops, like our own three-person digital marketing agency, can (and does) generate enough content to satisfy even the hungriest of content calendars – provided that that content calendar lines up with the desired capacity of the market at hand. I know, it seems hard to believe, but really, it’s true.

And it looks like Jason Fried is buying in too (actually, I’m buying in to HIS thinking, but you get the gist). Or at least an article in the most recent issue of Inc. magazine indicates such. The only link I can find is this one  – I know, these kind of suck. But it serves the purpose just fine.

Here’s an excerpt…

“There’s a new story at your business every day. Maybe you dreamed up a great idea or shot down a bad one. Maybe a customer surprised you with the way he or she uses your product. Perhaps a client or an employee came to you with a suggestion for something you’ve never thought of before. There are hidden opportunities in these everyday moments. They make great stories – and in today’s business world, you’re missing an opportunity if you ignore a great story. That’s because great brands are the ones that tell the best stories. Sure, good products and service matter, but stories are what connect people with companies.”

So, to capture such moments, he’s hired a full-time film guy to document their every move. Their goal is to push out 25 videos in the next year.

Wow – what a great idea.

And not just for them. For you too. Think of all the stuff that happens in your given office in a given day. I know the interactions at Gorilla are many. And while they certainly might not all be film worthy, who knows what, when recorded and reviewed, they could lead to – ideas, new business ventures, refined products, humorous and serious blog content, social content, etc., etc. And while a full-time video guy might be tough to justify, think about how you could better document the stuff happening inside your own walls. This is actually a really important part of your brand’s marketing.

Remember, stories connect people to brands. Once again, our caps our off to Mr. Fried and his team up north. Love the thinking. Very anxious to see his video content in 2012.