Careers at Gorilla 76

Gorilla 76 is an inbound marketing agency for the industrial sector. We help manufacturers, service providers, distributors, builders and their subcontractors grow their businesses online.

We’re small — and that’s intentional. It allows us to be nimble and really good at what we do. We’re proud to pass up more work than we take on, and this isn’t snobbery. It’s simply how we focus.

No matter the position for which we’re hiring, we’re looking for motivated, business-minded professionals who want to use their creativity in a way that makes a difference. This is a place to not only be creative but also to think creatively. Learn more about what it takes to be a Gorilla here.

Employee benefits

We’re working hard to become the best in industrial marketing in the United States. To do that, we have to hire the best. And to hire the best, we have to attract the best. Here’s how we’re doing that.

health insurance


We offer health and dental insurance to all full-time employees. Life and disability too.

simple ira

Retirement plan

Supplement your savings with our Simple IRA and company match.



We’re dog people. There’s one in the office every day. Yours is welcome – provided it’s well-behaved and plays nice with others.

Gorilla Gives

Giving back is important. That’s why our employees get four hours of paid time off per quarter to volunteer with a 501(c)3 of their choice.

casual work environment

Casual work environment

Jeans. T-shirts. And the occasional collared shirt. To work smart, one needs to be comfortable.

parental leave

Paid parental leave

Some moments only come once or twice in a lifetime. That’s why we offer Paid Parental Leave.

paid time off

Plenty of paid-time off

Three weeks to start; five weeks in time. And the eight major holidays, with the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day as well.

learning curriculum

Professional/personal growth

Books, blogs, industry events, frequent reviews. We want to put you in the best possible position to grow at Gorilla.

summer fridays

Summer Fridays

Summers in St. Louis are top notch. That’s why we call it quits at 3pm every summer Friday.

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Our neighborhood

We think the Central West End is the best neighborhood in St. Louis. And we’re in the heart of it all.


Located above Pi Pizza and a very short walk from Dressel’s, Cafe Osage, Mission Taco, Central Cafe, Llewellyn’s and Whole Foods, it’s safe to say we have the best lunch options in town.


From coffee to cocktails, smoothies to beer — this neighborhood has a pour for everyone. With Gamlin Whiskey House and Brennan’s down the way and Herbie’s across the street, there are lots of venues for late-afternoon brainstorms.


There’s always something to do after work, at lunch or when you need to get outside and do some thinking. Take a stroll to the zoo. Do some lunchtime walking in Forest Park. Whatever your preference, there are plenty  of ways to get out and stretch your legs.

Full-time and part-time positions

While we may or may not be hiring at this exact moment for the positions listed below, we’re always accepting applications for talented marketers, writers, designers, developers and interns at Gorilla. We assure you we’ll review your submission and store it for future reference. Learn more below about the types of folks we’re looking to add to our team.

Office Admin

This job focuses heavily on staying on top of the day-to-day non-marketing related tasks of running a business, as well as assistance with accounting and bookkeeping.

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This job entails planning and designing website layouts, editorial imagery, and long-form PDF e-books.

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Outreach Intern

Gorilla 76 is looking for an Outreach Intern to join our team. The ideal candidate is a strong writer, has a desire to understand the convergence of online public relations and content marketing, and has 15+ hours of work availability per week. Applicants must be current college freshmen, sophomores or juniors that are looking for a place to call home until their graduation.

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This position focuses on driving results for our clients. The ideal candidate is fluent in SEO basics and hungry to learn how inbound marketing works in the B2B industrial space. Daily duties include developing inbound marketing strategies that increase traffic and earn leads for our clients

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Account Coordinator

This position focuses on building and owning client relationships, running both internal and external meetings, communicating regularly with clients, and serving as a strategy influencer. Our hire MUST be available to work from our St. Louis office.

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Project Manager

This position focuses on managing the agency by creating timelines, optimizing the capacity of individual Gorilla team members and monitoring/budgeting time across Gorilla. Our hire must be available to work from our St. Louis office.

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This highly technical role is responsible for ensuring complete and accurate web development for all marketing efforts. You’ll be working in conjunction with the rest of the team to bring websites and projects to life. We want someone who will stay on top of the changes in the digital industry to optimize the company’s online footprint and help keep Gorilla at the forefront of web marketing.

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Since our work is almost entirely web-based, this job focuses heavily on delivering long-form content as educational articles, white papers, case studies, downloadable guides and website copy. Strong interviewing skills are a must.

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Working at Gorilla and other career-related thoughts

Whether you're new to the job search or looking to change careers, the below content was written to help you in your pursuits. In order to be the best, we must hire the best. This content will help you understand what we're looking for and how to convince us you're the right fit.

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Gorilla offers paid internships year round in marketing strategy, copywriting and art direction/graphic design. Our internships offer real-world work experience for real clients. This isn’t a coffee and donuts type of internship, but an opportunity to sharpen your skill set, learn about B2B marketing, and prepare yourself for a career in the field.

“Interning at Gorilla 76 was exactly the experience I needed the summer after my junior year. From day one, I was doing work for real clients and was treated as an equal and trusted member of the Gorilla team. It’s a relaxed and intimate environment, and I never felt uncomfortable asking for help or feedback on my work. Jon and Joe are a fantastic team who made me feel right at home, despite me being the only female in an office of five men and a dog (a really, REALLY cute dog). They also own gorilla masks, making them officially cooler than any of my past employers.

Read more of Alix’s story

“As a ‘Copywriter/Social Media Intern’, that was my job: copy and social. I’d never really written anything professionally before, but I was given the freedom to fail, constructive criticism in the form of copy edits from Jon and the support of everyone there to learn and grow over time.

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“I didn’t spend my time making copies or coffees as an intern at Gorilla 76. I was creating content for clients from day one, while learning how to make a website work as hard for a company as the guys on the job-sites do. Gorilla’s professional development curriculum may have done more to prepare me for the world of online marketing than did my four-year university, and they paid me instead of charging me!

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“During the semester that I worked with Gorilla 76, I really was given great opportunities to stretch my legs on creative, real-world projects. I was always briefed as part of the team and my ideas were always considered and several times presented to the clients. It wasn’t just a ‘coffee and copies’ type of job. I worked directly with Joe and found him to be an incredible mentor. He gave great critiques but was always constructive and direct, inspiring me to dig deeper into each project. I was even able to see some of my work come to fruition in production.

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