Industrial search engine optimization

“Our business is about building relationships and the internet can’t do that for us:”
“We serve a very traditional audience. They’re not interested in blog posts.”
“What we offer is a niche service. People don’t look for that kind of thing online.”

I can’t blame a sceptic of online content marketing if it’s never been part of their world. But I will point fingers at those who write it off before educating themselves on its power. The goal of this short article is to encourage the skeptic to reconsider if any of the above sentiments sound familiar.

Why online content matters

Smart B2B companies publish content online to increase their reach among a defined audience and to answer potential customers’ questions before (and better than) their competitors. The concept is very simple. Attract your audience through targeted content, qualify your business by making that content great and convert visitors to leads through smart calls-to-action.

Although content can’t build a relationship the way a handshake does, it will vastly increase the pool of hands available to shake. And when you get around to shaking those hands, that same content has already given you a big head start in qualifying your business.

Opportunity knocks and here’s the proof

What follows are ten examples of miscellaneous key phrases within industrial verticals like construction, manufacturing and distribution. The numbers that accompany them are the volume of Google searches that are performed every single month for those exact phrases, as evidenced by Google’s Keyword Tool.

Whether any of the below are relevant to your business or not, the point is this: Prospective customers are looking for you online. When you develop high-quality, keyword-targeted, educational content that matches their Google searches, you create opportunity for business.

Foundation repair: 110,000 searches
Demolition contractors: 40,500 searches
Gear manufacturer: 33,100 searches
HVAC installation: 18,100 searches
Polyurethane coating: 22,000 searches
Asphalt supplier: 3,600 searches
Structural engineering companies: 6,600 searches
Excavation contractor: 8,100 searches
Construction equipment rental: 18,100 searches
Drilling services: 33,100 searches

We’re here to help

Gorilla 76 specializes in online marketing for industrial businesses. Our blog is designed as a resources for those kinds of companies. We’ve also written some guides and put on monthly webinars to help you learn more. See below.