And apparently 3.3 million friends. Or at least that’s one of the theories as to why Coke’s unofficial Facebook page has taken off the way it has.

This story ran in the AdAge Digital email update today and it immediately caught my interest. I come from a background in the liquor business. Being a writer, I could never really understand the  big deal that all the art guys made about their photoshoots. These shoots would take days, if not a week. And the stress, well let’s just say things would get extremely tense. All for something I was convinced that I could pull off with my point-and-click.

But, after seeing the photos these guys would come back to the shop with, I quickly realized this was a true art form and it took lots and lots of skill. But still, how important is having that perfect photo? We live in an age where underdeveloped, raw-quality creative is cool. Why throw so much in capturing the perfect image?

And then you read stories like this. It all makes sense now. 3.3 million friends, most likely due to a photo with appetite appeal that would convert even the most loyal of Pepsi drinkers.