Thanks to Brian Signorelli at Hubspot for the endorsement! Your support means much to us.

brian-signorelli-hubspot“When I started working with Gorilla in 2013, I was most impressed with two things. First, they had 95th percentile knowledge of Inbound Marketing and Lead Gen relative to the other thousand agencies HubSpot was working with.

Second, they had already come to the conclusion that specializing in an industry vertical – Industrial Sector B2B Companies — for their services would be critical to their own success and their clients’ success.

Over the past 3 years, I have used their own site as well as their clients’ sites as “best in class” examples of what effective Inbound Marketing looks like for Industrial B2B companies and other agencies aspiring to achieve predictable growth and scale continuously. I would highly recommend any sales or marketing leader in the Industrial B2B space leverage the knowledge, experience, and flawless execution capabilities that Gorilla 76 brings to the table.”

– Brian Signorelli, Principal Sales Manager at Hubspot linked-in-share