Background on Baptist and our challenge

Baptist Medical Group is a Pensacola-based network of medical professionals. Doing what they love for the people they love, Baptist Medical Group has a very strong presence in their community. They tasked us to bring that presence to life in an online setting. So we did. They said it was just what the doctor had ordered…see what we did there?

After getting thoroughly briefed on the job, a strong positioning statement was the first thing we wanted to deliver. Dialing in on the strong sense of community that BMG stood for was the direction we advised to explore.

Planning was crucial on this very robust website

Immediately after the positioning statement, we then began our in-depth planning phase. This was particularly important with this project, as the site was very large. Making sure on-site communication was optimized to the fullest extent, we spent a significant amount of time on planning how each page would be organized. Additionally, it was very important for us to consider balancing a distinct brand voice with best SEO practices like page title consideration, headlines, content and URL structure.

Hospital and healthcare website design

Patient-centric website

Just like we’ve learned in our marketing efforts for effective hospital design, when it comes to healthcare, the users’ experience must be looked at thoroughly. So, with this website build, we focused on very simple navigation with clear calls-to-action:  “find a doctor”, “find a specialty” and “make an appointment”. Patients were allowed the opportunity to interact by posting reviews of their physicians. Not only were all of the doctors listed but all of their practices as well.

Website calls to action

Website calls to action