As our business has evolved, we’ve shifted from an agency that delivers project-based work for lots of clients to one that works on a retainer business with a select client base. While this shift was helped us grow into a true business growth partner with our clients, it has also meant less of the logo and branding jobs that we’ve always enjoyed.

Then along came TruQC…

First off, the product. It’s the result of an innovative spirit and lots of hard work. Put simply, TruQC is job-site (painting, construction, etc.) documentation software built for the iPad. It was created because a group of innovative guys knew there had to be a better way to do something. To date, all documentation was done with pencils and papers and lots of room for error. This is the era of the iPad – a tool that is making numerous industries more efficient. Why not industrial painting?

The logo

Our marketing work for TruQC has been extensive (read our full case study here), but the first task was branding.

The name was already provided and the color palette was influenced by our clients’ alma mater (M-I-Z…). So the logo was really where we started to get involved. The logo needed to reflect the overall sleek, innovative nature of the product itself and be easily extendable to an app icon for the iTunes store. We’d also need to extend the look to the app’s website, advertising campaign, sell sheets, printed materials, etcetera.

A number of ideas and iterations led us to our final logo, a nod to the traditional executed-by-hand paperwork, but with a modern look representative of the future of job-site documentation.

TruQC case study - logo design

A worthy tagline

As for writing a tagline, we wanted to deliver something that was less of a catch phrase and more of a description of the product. TruQC was a concept very new to its market. Experience tells us that clearly communicating what it is that a product does is priority number one. Once you have an established brand presence, then you can go the more “creative” tagline route.


More on our work for TruQC

We’ve served as the marketing agency of record for TruQC since their inception. For a look at the work we’ve executed for them and the results achieved, view our case study: Generating industrial leads for TruQC.