Merchant banking. Ever heard of it? We hadn’t either. But the guys at Butcher Joseph Hayes had and they called on us to help with some early marketing efforts. We did what any smart marketing company would do – we learned their industry.

As a quick briefing, Butcher Joseph Hayes is a start-up investment banking firm made up of guys with a whole lot of experience and smarts. They specialize in ESOPs (employee stock ownership plans) and were specifically targeting those in that market. It was our job to help them create their message, their look, and make sure that both were hitting their audience.¬†They needed a personality in their voice and a look that wasn’t stodgy like so many of their competitors.

Stage one of our relationship was devoted to developing a brand look, voice and website, as well as basic marketing tools like an email template. Stage two was focused on lead generation among that ESOP-seeking target audience.

website design for investment banking firm

Targeted content strategy for nurturing B2B leads

We worked closely with the guys at Butcher Joseph Hayes, as well as the folks at a local SEO firm, developing a content strategy to build out targeted materials on their site. We helped create a variety of articles and blog posts, a white paper and on-site keyword optimization for that specific ESOP-audience.

B2B website content development

White paper for investment banking firm

Enabling lead capture opportunities

Our work with Butcher Joseph Hayes focused heavily on calls-to-action at all stages of the sales funnel in an effort to generate more leads. The e-newsletter sign-up forms were for those at the top of the funnel so lead nurturing could actually begin. We then had a white paper download for those further along in the sales cycle. And for those ready to talk, we had inquiry forms. No matter the stage of the lead, we had designed the site so that it would be useful for visitors.

B2B website calls to action

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