What are they?

  • Up to two (2) consulting calls with a dedicated account strategist each month.
  • Each call is between 90 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the topic we plan to cover.
  • On these calls, your strategist will guide your team through our proven playbook with recommendations and advice tailored to your business (see starter plan below).
  • Your strategist will plan agendas that can include time for instruction, workshopping items live, answering questions, etc.
  • Your strategist will also assign “homework” (ie what your team needs to do before our next consulting call so we can have a productive conversation and stay on track).
  • You’ll have access to recordings from every call, as well as any tools or resources mentioned on calls.

What they are NOT

Any execution work. Our consulting engagements are designed so that your team is getting hands-on experience, with the support of Gorilla 76 as a guide.

All execution related work will be either:

  • Workshopped live on the call together (ex: launching campaigns together on a call)
  • Assigned as “homework” for your team to complete between calls

Who needs one

A G76 consulting engagement is ideal for marketing teams that can execute the work, but may need help with:

  • Maintaining a strategic focus
  • Skilling up in certain areas (ie campaign management, tech stack set up, lead management, etc)
  • Building a demand generation program with limited resources
  • Creative problem solving in the early days of a modern marketing program
  • Planning key initiatives like customer research and company positioning

Important note!

The pace you move through your consulting plan is going to be entirely dependent on the work your team puts in.

That’s why we have “up to” two consulting calls per month, so your team can move at a pace that’s right for you. 

For certain topics, you may want/need more time in between consulting calls. That’s totally okay! We may plan to cover a topic in one call, but if your team wants to spend more time on it, that’s  fine.

Your strategist will help flag the trade-offs of these choices. For example: If your team needs more time to create ad copy and creative, that means we won’t be able to launch campaigns when we originally planned.

We aim to strike the right balance of “moving at a comfortable pace” and “achieving your goals in a timely manner.” Your strategist will be honest about whether we’re on or off track, and what’s needed to course correct.

After Discovery and Strategy Setting Workshops, we’ll propose an agenda for our first few months of calls. And we’ll pay close attention to progress and your needs to determine if adjustments need to be made. For example, you might already have strong product pages and a desire to test paid social quickly. Maybe we’ll move a paid social launch call up in the calendar at the expense of a landing page call. 

In simple terms our agenda will be tailored to what will help you make the biggest impact in your organization.

Your G76 team


Your dedicated account strategist is your main point of contact. They’ll be present on every call. If you need to reschedule, add an item to the agenda, or just ask a question between calls about your work, this is the person you’ll reach out to.


You’ll also have a dedicated writer on your account to consult on content related topics. They’ll advise on things like customer research, interviewing subject matter experts, writing great ad copy, planning your content strategy, and more.

sample consulting calendar

Suggested agenda for the first 6 months

Here is a sample of what our first 6 months of calls together might look like. This schedule will likely be tweaked and adjusted to your specific needs after we get to know you a little better.

Call #1: Conducting customer interviews

Objective: Arm your team with the knowledge and tools they need to go out and conduct customer interviews.

Call #2: Demand generation 101

Objective: Make sure your team understands demand generation strategy

Call #3: Pulling out customer insights 

Objective: Your team understands how to pull insights from interviews and format them in a way that’s easy to reference back to

Call #4: Positioning

Objective: Your team knows how to take customer insights and incorporate them into positioning

Call #5: Building your content and campaign strategy

Objective: Your team has the knowledge to build a plan for 1. What campaigns they need to run and 2. What content they need to fuel those campaigns 

Call #6: Conducting subject matter expert (SME) interviews for content creation

Objective: Teach your team how to interview your SMEs to write different types of content

Call #7: Landing page best practices

Objective: Your team should leave knowing how to format and write content for a landing page that is designed to convert (and the importance of message matching in paid search)

Call #8: Paid search 101

Objective: Your team understands demand capture strategy, paid search structure (ie how it works) and is armed with tools to conduct keyword research

Call #9: Paid search campaign set up and management

Objective: Launch paid search campaigns and make sure your team understands how to manage them

Call #10: Paid social audience building and budgeting

Objective: Your team knows how to build an audience in the LinkedIn or Facebook platform and build a budget (and why audience size and budget need to be aligned)

Call #11: Campaign assets

Objective: Your team can confidently create ad copy and creative for paid social

Call #12: Paid social launch and management

Objective: Launch paid social campaigns and make sure your team knows how to manage them

Call #13: Measurement and reporting

Objective: Help your team build a dashboard for reporting and measuring results. Also talk about the timeline to results.

What happens when we work through all our mapped out topics?

Consulting is an ongoing engagement tailored to your needs. Beyond our playbook, sky’s the limit.

Potential topics you could explore further:

  • Refining positioning
  • Sales pitch framework
  • Product marketing
  • Organic social strategy
  • Email marketing
  • Consulting on trade show strategy
  • Re-writing website copy
  • Continually consulting on campaign performance and ideas for content creation