Amazing content that doesn’t get consumed is meaningless.

One of the biggest missed opportunities for manufactures that have invested in a meaningful content program is the distribution of those assets.

Distribution is about learning where your buyers spend time and proactively reaching them there (rather than waiting for them to find you).

Think about it this way:

Google is an intent channel. People go there when they’re looking for a solution (they have intent to buy). And when they’re looking for something that you can provide, you of course want to give yourself the best chance of being discovered.


A vast majority of your audience is not in buying mode at any given moment in time.

So between now and whenever they do enter a buy cycle, it’s your job to earn their trust and attention by creating value for them.

This is exactly where paid distribution of content in social media channels comes into play.

Whether on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or elsewhere, we can reach people with specific job titles from specific industries or even specific companies with specific interests.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re believers in SEO (search engine optimization) and Google Ads as well. But our objective is to reach the right people from the right companies before they ever go to Google to look for a solution in the first place.