You know it’s a good idea when that’s your reaction.

Below is a blog post I just penned I mean typed for our Get Digital project. I wouldn’t be reposting, except it’s so incredibly relevant to our humble (and still humble) roots. Hope you enjoy. Hoping it helps.

Ever heard of LiquidSpace?

” We hadn’t either. But we’re excited to learn about it. LiquidSpace is an app that helps you “find or share a great space to work now.” In today’s digital world, full of freelancers and employees on-the-go, this is a welcome relief, a leftover donut to the guy who forgot lunch (sorry, it’s lunchtime – actually, well past – and I forgot my brown bag…and we have donuts).

Seems like just recently, my company, Gorilla 76, was in its boot-strap phase. Seems like just yesterday, our offices were the locale of the nearest Wi-Fi signal. As much as we wanted cool digs to call “office”, our budget didn’t. Debt was something we wanted to avoid like the plague as laptops and brains were all we really needed to do what we do. I can remember literally working in a Burger King parking lot late one evening (they weren’t even open) as they had free Wi-Fi and I had a project that absolutely had to get out the door before midnight.

Well now, a few years later, looks like this LiquidSpace app is going to make life easier per the recent feature in Inc. Technology. From what I can tell, it helps you either (a) lease extra work space you have or (b) find work space for the day. Seems like an app that will resonate with our Get Digital crowd. If you’re traveling, it’s relevant. If you have vacancy, it’s relevant.

Just do yourself one favor, if you’re leasing the space, or hosting someone that is web savvy, tread and Tweet lightly – read about WhizTechCafe’s social media miss via

Hope you all are having a good week.”