Lend your website your salesman shoes

What do you do after you shake hands with a new lead at a trade show? Or when someone calls you and expresses interest in your services? How about after a round of golf with a prospective customer? I’ll take a leap and guess you don’t say:

“Thanks for your interest – hope to see ya around!”

There is always a next step in mind, right?

It’s time for a mindset shift about your website’s job

Your business website is the online face of your company. It’s also an aspiring salesman, begging for the right tools and training. It wants to set up that next step with your visitors and prospects. But it needs your help first.

Train your website as you would a salesman. A website visitor has freely chosen to learn about your business by visiting your site as they would have a storefront. They’ve volunteered their time to engage with your company. Respond. Help them move to the next step in their research process.

Think about what you want a visitor to do next

Then ask.

  • If you want them to call you about a consultation, ask.
  • If you want them to join your mailing list, ask.
  • If you want them to view a case study, ask.
  • If you want them to download an expert white paper you’ve composed, ask.

Don’t ask and you shall not receive. It’s common sense.