“The reason many businesses don’t produce remarkable content is fear — fear of giving away too much information, fear of saying something wrong, fear of giving competitors an advantage. These were all rational twentieth century fears. In the twenty-first century, these fears are the quickest path to failure.”

No fear!

This quote comes from The B2B Social Media Book (highly recommended by the way) and I couldn’t agree more. The kind of marketing we preach at Gorilla presumes that not every member of your target audience is ready to buy from you now. When that’s the case, nurturing that audience with valuable content will often keep the door open to a sale. The kicker: people don’t want to buy your blog posts, white papers, videos, etc. You have to give that stuff away for free – and it has to be really good.

This is where a lot of businesses get held up and here’s why we think the fear of giving something away needs to be shelved.

When you freely offer good content to your specific audience, you:

  1. Demonstrate your expertise with confidence
  2. Give visitors new ways to engage with your brand
  3. Increase your chances of being found in Google searches
  4. Open up the door to capturing leads

On the flip side, when you let fear win, you miss the opportunity to:

  1. Open dialogue with prospects who may have never known you existed
  2. Keep dialogue open with prospects who might buy later instead of now
  3. Do something your competitors likely aren’t doing – yet

Fear not – start writing!

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